I am using the Dvorak keyboard layout to write this message. It is insane!


I never tried Dvorak. After typing for a living every day, I type about 50 words a minute on a standard keyboard. Dvorak might speed me up a little, but I'll probably remain a pretty slow typist. And since my typing is mostly code, meaning I spend a lot more time thinking than typing, it's not really worth the investment.

I'll be interested to hear how much it speeds you up, after a few weeks of using it every day.

When I graduated college, I started my first job doing hunt and peck typing. I realized that I would never get much faster, so I learned the home position, and forced myself to touch type. After a couple of weeks, it was natural. I suppose Dvorak would be about the same, were I motivated enough to do it.

@billstclair I may continue to try it. I do a lot of writing. My speed is about 60 WPM, and like you, I write mostly code. The vast majority of my time spent writing anything is thinking rather than actually writing it.

The Dvorak keyboard layout is interesting, so I decided to write that message with it. I may continue to use it, but this particular reply has been written with the comfortable QWERTY keyboard.

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