I am now using with the window manager. I like it so far. But I still need to set some things up.

Advice with i3 or Void is appreciated.

I run #Funtoo #Linux with #i3-gaps
# protip: pipe output to xclip w/ key binding
# protip: learn how to use unit converter function
# protip: found newer option just now

# Open videos urls from clipboard
bindsym $mod4+v exec --no-startup-id mpv --ytdl $(xclip -o)
# protip: auto float and center the window

This is how I float and center the #MPV window

for_window [class="mpv"] floating enable
for_window [class="mpv"] sticky enable
for_window [class="mpv"] resize set 320 240
for_window [class="mpv"] move position center

this is key binding for #maim, it binds to the "Print Screen" key

bindsym --release Print exec --no-startup-id maim -s | convert - \( +clone -background black -shadow 80x3+5+5 \) +swap -background none -layers merge +repage - | xclip -selection clipboar
d -t image/png

@vrsmd Thank you! I have a version of it binded to mod+s after you mentioned that screenshotter. 🙂

I think this is my last #i3 #tip toot...

I found a good compton config (standalone x11 compositor for 3D and window transparency goodness)

Clipboard manager

PulseAudio systray volume manager

tilda terminal with transparency is cool

manage all your encrypted drives from the systray

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