Just because someone is bad, if their software is free, there is no reason not to use it.

If I write a free program, and you don't like me, there is no reason you should not use it. Using a free program made by me is not endorsement of me. You may just be missing out on some useful software.

Oh and no, no one has refused to use my software because they don't like me. What I said is hypothetical.

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Absolutely. But not as far as @Gargron and the other regressives are concerned. Six handshakes from a nazi means you're a nazi, and everything you touch is polluted.

@masterofthetiger Chrome, Keep, Google Office, Google Photos (all names approximate, I don't use them) Google Drive, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Maps, Play Store... Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Linkedin, Spotify, etc.
Just some "free" software I choose not to use because I don't like who wrote them and what they do with the software, and choose to withdraw as much of my support of them as possible.

I don't use those programs for a few reasons. One, the software exploits its users. Two, the software is not running on your computer, so you should question who is running it for you. Three, those are not really free software. When j speak if free software, I do not speak of freeware, but rather freedom.

@masterofthetiger I agree. I just think it depends on why you don't like the programmer, or agree with them that's important. I mean, I prefer dogs and you could be a cat lover...

My point is simply that software should speak for itself. For example, I hear go is a good porgramming language, even though Google makes it.

@masterofthetiger then fork it. You have to understand the business model and so much more than just the program, and that using the program, supports the business model.
For an independent FLOSS programmer, probably not so much.

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