What features would you like to see in a new web Mastodon client?

Feature ideas so far:
- Multiple accounts logged in at the same time
- More themes
- Translate
- Auto dark and light mode
- More emojis?
- Better audio support
- Better non-JavaScript support for logged out users (and minimal for logged in users)
- Faster and sleeker interface

Okay, I could do this. I just need a place to start. What does making a Mastodon client involve?

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I am going to make a repository and make a set of ideas to proceed.

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I am wondering what JS framework to use, and how I should start it in general. Once I figure the basics out, I should be able to build it rather quickly.

@d599f84e @dajbelshaw @Sujee @micrackbiron @noorul

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@Sujee Okay. I will certainly work on those (though I am not so sure about translation yet). Thanks for your input!

What do you think should be the driving factor to bring people to use it? focuses on simplicity. Halcyon focuses on being Twitter-like. What kind of interface would you like to see?

@masterofthetiger @Sujee there is a CSS-only way to do that now

Or at least, it's in the pipeline, and probably already on newer firefox versions?

I heard about that. I will certainly use it. Thanks for reminding me!


@masterofthetiger Maybe more unique emojis or ones you can add easily (like an update pack).

@masterofthetiger Oh yeah, I guess it is. That was just off the top of my head. There must be something else...

I want to client to follow to Twitter acc πŸ˜€


A new web client for Mastodon may have additional features to retrieve posts from any Twitter account to home timeline


@noorul That would be interesting. But can't you just use

Make the name 7-8 characters for proper domain name


@masterofthetiger I certainly would, but I know very little about web development. What languages would be needed to contribute to a project like yours?

@magneticeagle Honestly, I am trying to figure out that myself. I am debating how much I actually want to go through with the support for no-JS or not, which will weigh heavily on whether I depend on a backend. A backend would require another programming language besides JavaScript, and add complexity, but it would make some things better.

JavaScript should be sufficient, unless I want to throw in PHP.

All in all, I wouldn't be surprised if it has an extremely broken setup at first.

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