What features would you like to see in a new web Mastodon client?

I am wondering what JS framework to use, and how I should start it in general. Once I figure the basics out, I should be able to build it rather quickly.

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@masterofthetiger I certainly would, but I know very little about web development. What languages would be needed to contribute to a project like yours?

@magneticeagle Honestly, I am trying to figure out that myself. I am debating how much I actually want to go through with the support for no-JS or not, which will weigh heavily on whether I depend on a backend. A backend would require another programming language besides JavaScript, and add complexity, but it would make some things better.

JavaScript should be sufficient, unless I want to throw in PHP.

All in all, I wouldn't be surprised if it has an extremely broken setup at first.

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The backend could be JavaScript running in Node.js.

I do that for my Elm servers, but run Elm compiled to JS in Node.js.
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