I need help finding a good /UX for a new I am going to write. Or if I should even have a framework? I have done okay without one in the past.

I have seen Angular and ReactJS used, but I am not sure those fit with my ideas of making it work (at least partially) without JavaScript.

@masterofthetiger i don't know if it fits your needs, but i used some css frameworks that use almost none js to do some websites, but i leave them there anyway:

@silkevicious That may be useful, but that is not what I am looking for at the moment unfortunately. Thanks for the links though!

@masterofthetiger I suggest using and either Vue or anything HTML and below in their list on the right of their website.


You might want to look into "server side rendering" with react to make it work without javascript enabled in the browser.

"Next.js" is probably the most common way to achieve react with SSR nowadays, but it's probably a bit hard to configure to make it work well with 0% js on the client. But SSR can be achieved "manually" too.

@rickisen Now that I think of it, some of the features I want to add heavily require JavaScript. So I probably won't do the whole "minimalist" setup in that way.

@masterofthetiger you can render both on server side, so no need for JS on the browser side if done properly

If you are fluent in JS, and used to search the micro lib that will do the trick for you for a given need, then use React.

If you don't want a lot of small parts, but rather a big framework, that is like a whole new language, go down Angular route

@temsa Okay. However, the app will do a lot better with JavaScript. I have some features which will require JS. I am not looking to avoid it. However, I would like to make it partially usable in the future without JavaScript.

@masterofthetiger why are people so anti-js all of a sudden? You should try doing it with next.js or nuxt.js, just because you'll get better SEO if you have a server side rendered app. But I don't understand why javascript = bad to people.

Some people don't want to run JavaScript. Anyway, I also have been abandoning the idea of making it work without JS.

However, I still believe the web was not made for webapps.

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