@dredmorbius Just self host and we all should be fine. ForgeFed is also working to make this better.


I propose using someone else's hosted solution. Such as a public GitLab or Gitea instance.

@billstclair @dredmorbius @IceWolf @masterofthetiger

"The second they apply for liability protection by incorporating, they're dirty."

Or maybe, they are just trying to survive. It's often the case that assholes use the "Justice system" as a tool to beat down others for political reasons or just to raid their pocketbooks. The lawsuits against gun manufacturers is an example.

@masterofthetiger @dredmorbius Ah, makes sense! Hm...so would everyone make an account on said public instance to contribute to my project, kind of like GitHub now?

(I really wish we had federation, particularly for accounts. I think Gitea's working on that though IIRC.)

Yes. They would have to. That's why I'd prefer more "mainstream" instances like Codeberg for now tbh.

Federation is being developed by @forgefed, and it is hoped it will be implemented in Gitea, GitLab, and many others.

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