members. I have a question for you. Should we use a fork of Mastodon called Hometown? It has a few extra features. Including:
- Local-only posting (a privacy setting to not federate certain toots)
- Better reading features
- Better lists (this would be awesome)
- A lot of interesting stuff planned

It is also meant to be simple and not stray far from Mastodon (unlike Glitch for example).

More info here:

Please vote and (more importantly) reply with your reasoning.

@masterofthetiger I voted to upgrade based on an assumption and a condition: that we would be able to change back if the differences turned out to be unsuitable to the kind of group we are. So you might clarify that point. I for one can’t really grasp the differences from mere descriptions from the developers. I have to see it in action, and I’d like to see it. But, *can* we switch back? Would you agree to that as a condition for voting for the change?


@malanrich Yes. That is a good idea. The only hassle would be database migrations, but that shouldn't be so hard (and if anything goes wrong, I will have backups of all of it).

I will probably upgrade it (while addressing all the concerns people bring up). I don't see any cons since we would have the option to switch back.

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