70 tabs and counting. I need to go back through them and close the ones I don't need.

I suppose that my tabs are a reflection of my mind -- doing many things at the same time.

@masterofthetiger Right now, I'm running Minecraft, doing homework, going through pictures, and web browsing all at the same time.

I'm suprised my PC can handle this.

I hear you on that one. But you're a lot more talented than me. I'm like the guy twirling plates, one at a time, while the others start to wobble.

@zudn I am pretty inefficient. I feel like I don't get much done when I do it like this. Maybe I should just get away from my browser and use text-based browsers where I can. Then use an alternative Mastodon client.

I've been trying to pare down my projects, or at least prioritize them. It's a struggle.

@zudn I have been doing the same. But it is more of a crazy "TODO" list.

Haha Now, so tell how to reduce down to ONE to-do list. :)

@MasterOfTheTiger @Petabyte @Zudn I read an article sonewhere that said a TODO list should have no more than three items on it and that we shouldn't worry about anything else until those three are done. It seems to work. My list is 1) wake up, 2) take care of morning stuff 3) kiss The Mrs.

I usually get stuck at #1 or #3 and have no worries.
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