Does publishing a whole rewrite of an app (that uses a new build system) that is already on require a resubmisson?

I have now fixed my computer! I will now be able to work a lot more on and other projects. (I have a PR that I was working on that has been stale for months since my computer broke).

I just bought! Soon we will have a new website hosted there.

Hopefully in the close future we will also have an online Bible app system.

Join the room to join the discussion of the future of Heb12, and to help contribute to the project yourself!

Working on again. It is going great! I will have a CLI prototype of the new software soon. After that, I will rebuild the frontend with Python and Qt. A lot of learning, but it is worth it.

I am working on a new set of Bible-related tools built in Python. I am starting from the ground up, and am currently working on a Bible reference parser.

Just finished rewriting one of my very simple NPM modules in Python. This is just one of many I am rewriting for use in an upcoming project. I am building it from the bottom up.

Finally works with Snaps! You can now get the latest updates from the repository very easily!

version 0.4.0 will not be directly compatible with older versions. The name it registers with your computer will be heb12-desktop instead of just heb12. This will allow for an easy addition of a cli program in the future without conflicting packages.

I found an Easter egg in Android's code. I won't spoil it for you though, just wait for the release, which will be soon. ;-)

Installing on my computer to work on for . The first version of our app should be released soon. ;)

for Android is having more and more improvements. We are ironing out many of the bugs which currently exist before announcing an official release.

The first version for the public willl include around 5 translations (with more gradually added), copying verses, searching verses on the Internet (not currrently included in Heb12 Desktop), sharing verses with the default Android share feature, and easily typing the Bible chapter you want to jump to without using the dropdown menu. And more.

I haven't talked with my Android dev yet, but wouldn't it be interesting to have basic Mastodon API support in like YouVersion's app?

The app has had incredible progress. Someone offered to make it, and it is almost production ready I believe. Maybe in a month we can release the first version. 😃

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