There is a new account at . Follow @life for updates about the maintenance of There's Life and other updates specific to this instance.

New domain block for :

Reason: they have been spamming followers on other instances, and this block was done to prevent them from doing the same on There's Life.

Current information on instance domain blocks on .

Any instance will be silenced or suspended for simply having sexual references in it's name.

Instance blocks on There's Life:

- | rejecting media files | Pornography
- | rejecting media files | Pornography (illegal in some juristictions)
- | Harassment
- | rejecting media files | Pornography
- | rejecting media files | Pornography
- s***
- | rejecting media files | Pornography

- | For spamming hundreds of follows to accounts
- sin***.com | Pornography
- **** | Pornography
- artalley.**** | Pornography
- girl****.club | Pornography

(this is the repost of it, but with the names censored).

now has a maximum character limit of 1000 characters. Use them well.

You can also put 1000 characters in your profile description, and you can have 6 fields for describing yourself.

Tell me if I went overboard or not.

Here is the guide I used:

How interested would you all folks be interested in a Bible bot? One that posts a random Bible verse every couple hours or so?

Please reply with your opinions.

There's Life notice:
DO NOT donate via any of the options provided for now. I have been locked out of my PayPal, and am unable to access anything there for now.

This also includes LiberaPay. I will add notices elsewhere as well (including removing the links).

There was a Mastodon instance called Hundreds of spam accounts followed a couple of users on . Subsequently the website is no longer a Mastodon instance, but the followers remained.

I have broken "federation" with the former instance, and thus all of those accounts are no longer following any accounts.

This makes me thing that spam instances are hard to fight against.

I want to set up a custom stylesheet for my Mastodon instance. Does anyone have some pointers? Or maybe a list of some good stylesheets?

is now available as an onion service!

Visit it with the Tor Browser at munxbpfuyk5adgavrlzwmoqjga7ju6

Note: if you get an error when trying to load a page, change the "https" to "http" (everything is secured via tor anyway).

Okay. Good morning! is now up and running on the latest mastodon version! One problem with it is that we lost some posts from other instances, but I hope all problems are outweighed by the simple fact that we now have all the latest features!

I am SUPER excited. I like it when my work pays off.

NOTICE: I may try to update the instance again. It may include some forceful methods which could break things. I will backup everything to be safe though, so you need not worry.

now uses for hosting images. This will keep the storage on the server from filling up, and allow me to possibly downsize the server. I have now ironed out everything, and all images now work.

Enjoy! Now that I have this out of the way, I may be able to work on some other things (maybe upgrading the server 😉)

Images are slowly coming back (I found out that old ones were not labelled as public. Everything should be back to normal very soon.

Okay. So users. Don't expect images to work for the next couple days. Sorry! The Mastodon server will still work otherwise.

I am trimming the database and am going to move the data files away from the main server. It is using 40GB alone.

People on would do better to actually write their own than to boost this post. ;-)

I disabled registrations on and replaced it with an invite link. I noticed some suspicious accounts joining recently, and I suspect they may be bots.

A bunch of users joined in a short amount of time and they seem slightly suspicious. Especially since a couple seem to use the same anonymous email service.

I'll reopen registrations later if I discover that there was no problem.

Note: people can still join via the invite link:

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