is down for most users. This is due to some DNS errors when migrating nameservers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

members. I have a question for you. Should we use a fork of Mastodon called Hometown? It has a few extra features. Including:
- Local-only posting (a privacy setting to not federate certain toots)
- Better reading features
- Better lists (this would be awesome)
- A lot of interesting stuff planned

It is also meant to be simple and not stray far from Mastodon (unlike Glitch for example).

More info here:

Please vote and (more importantly) reply with your reasoning.

You can now posts toots with up to 5432 characters on . 😃

The code hosting service will be taken down in a couple days. (

Few people besides the Heb12 Project used it, and Heb12 moved to Make sure you have everything saved on another service or your computer. (I recommend when it comes to other services.) If you need a copy after the site has been taken down, DM me and I can send you a tar.gz of your repos.

Good day! 🙂

has been upgraded to Mastodon 3.1.

New features include:
- Bookmarks
- Choosing where filters apply
- Follow request notifications
- Download button for

More notes are at

update: Our Plume instance ( is currently down due to bugs in the database migration which ended up removing everyone's accounts (don't worry, I have backups).

I am currently talking with a developer to see what the problem is and see how to resolve it so we can enjoy Plume's newest features..

is back up and running! Sorry for the downtime, but it should work better now.

For transparency, this is what I did:
- Installed Mastodon on a Hetzner server
- Moved There's Life from Linode to Hetzner

Using Hetzner will make the server cost less, while at the same time handling a larger user load.

Do note that I have not yet updated the character limit to the usual 1234 characters. We are currently at 500. But I will change it back soon.

Hey there. I am working on getting us a more powerful server. That will take a transfer of all our data to a new one though, so hold tight while I do all of that.

We have really reached the limits of our server. Don't worry. Resources we used for kingdompod will be used for There's Life instead.

Currently the CPU and RAM are being used to their limits. That's why everything is so slow.

We will switch to a better server once our fundraiser is over.

Does anyone have any good recommendations on reliable hosting that is cheaper than Linode?

Here are three of the awesome users of the There's Life Mastodon instance:

@zudn avid blogger, posts great encouraging messages

@b2e posts great updates on the atrocities of China and other news about freedom worldwide, and is a helpful moderator

@ragamuffinjim has been posting some awesome pictures of the wood projects he's been working on.

(the descriptions are simply my impressions of them)

I love the community has become. I never expected this to happen when I started it. Thank you all for making There's Life a great place. :-)

There's Life actually wasn't intended as the main social network when I started it. I launched shortly afterward, but kingdompod* has few users besides myself anymore. I expected it to get far bigger than it actually did.

I am sorry for the downtime on . Storage space was used up, but I figured out the problem and it won't happen again. 🙂

There are still problems with the occasional slowdown, but I will resolve those soon.

I am glad the federated timeline has been increasingly Christian and not just political.

Hello everyone, timelines on seem to almost be back to normal after I restarted the server. New stuff instead of day old stuff are showing up. The sever seems to be working on catching up right now, and you may notice posts showing up out of order.

I will monitor the situation and make sure it continues to run smoothly.

Note to all users of : the timelines have been acting up. Only old messages seem to be appearing in the home and federated timelines. I am perplexed by this issue, but I will try to fix it soon.

Okay, I am about ready to completely change the "Federated timeline" on and make it a kind of curated accounts feed. Haha. Any ideas on how to do that?

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