Okay, I am about ready to completely change the "Federated timeline" on and make it a kind of curated accounts feed. Haha. Any ideas on how to do that?

If anyone on wants to set up an RSS reader which posts here, I may be able to help out.

now has 1234 available characters per toot. If this seems too silly let me know, but remember that posts are called "toots" here. :P

The bug with 3.0 with account redirections appears to be fixed (you can now cancel redirections). This is good, and I may consider upgrading to 3.0 sometime soon.

However, the redirection still makes even the /about page inaccesible while logged into the disabled account, and it also does not allow you to be logged out.

But at least it is possible to cancel the redirection to enable usage of the account again.

The other problem which remains is the lack of OStatus support.

Does any Theres.life user communicate with anyone on a GNU Social instance?

Note to anyone who would like to block :

Please discuss the issue with me first so that we can discuss the problem. I would not want all of the members here to be unable to participate with your instance simply because of a minor disagreement or because of just one or two of our users.

I have removed Liberapay as an option for donating to because I have not been able to accept money on PayPal when it is donated through Liberapay. PayPayl just doesn't let me, it is odd.

Remember users, the federated timeline does not show what There's Life is. What shows up in the federated timeline is solely a result of who There's Life users follow, and what those people boost.

I try to keep the federated timelime clean, so if you see amything there which violates our rules or is not family friendly, please report it to me.

Also, I apologise for the amount of politics on the federated timeline, that is simply a result of a couple of theres.life users following a bunch of accounts on a conservative Mastodon instance.

I recommend that all of users share a testimony of what brought them to .

What made you believe?

I am going to try and get some people who use the app to join (and in particular).

Hey users, what would you like the Mastodon web client to show as the browser title? (It is currently "There's Life Mastodon")

There is a new account at . Follow @life for updates about the maintenance of There's Life and other updates specific to this instance.

New domain block for : freefedifollowers.ga

Reason: they have been spamming followers on other instances, and this block was done to prevent them from doing the same on There's Life.

Current information on instance domain blocks on .

Any instance will be silenced or suspended for simply having sexual references in it's name.

Instance blocks on There's Life:

- wxw.moe | rejecting media files | Pornography
- pawoo.net | rejecting media files | Pornography (illegal in some juristictions)
- freespeechextremist.com | Harassment
- ihatebeinga.live | rejecting media files | Pornography
- baraag.net | rejecting media files | Pornography
- s***poster.club
- iscute.moe | rejecting media files | Pornography

- weedis.life | For spamming hundreds of follows to theres.life accounts
- sin***.com | Pornography
- ****onthefirst.date | Pornography
- artalley.**** | Pornography
- girl****.club | Pornography

(this is the repost of it, but with the names censored).

now has a maximum character limit of 1000 characters. Use them well.

You can also put 1000 characters in your profile description, and you can have 6 fields for describing yourself.

Tell me if I went overboard or not.

Here is the guide I used: github.com/trwnh/mastomods/blo

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