Signed Pages - sign webpages with PGP keys to ensure that what the servers sends your browser is what's expected and not something malicious. Interesting :thonking:

I don't know what to think about Twitter's plans to make their social network decentraized. It is unexpected for sure, but also what's their real motivation?

Do you know what would be cool? A Minetest server. You could use the MienClone plugin and have it work similarly to Minecraft.

Engineering, i = sqrt(-1) and spirituality 

For servers. Which is one reason I am going to switch to Debian on the next VPS I rent.

Our goal is $200 to cover our expenses for the next year.

Anyone who would like to donate can do so via PayPal at or via cryptocurrency (send a direct message to @masterofthetiger to donate this way).

I do not plan to release the names of the donors, but if you would like to be listed in a page on There's Life, please send a direct message to this account.

This account will periodically post updates on our progress.

Thank you.

Tired: porting Python 2 to Python 3.
Wired: porting Python 2 to C.

What are you specifically referring to? You know that "Christian" is extremely broad. Everyone from Catholics to Lutheran to Orthadox to Baptist to Anglican to Presbyterian to a huge number of plain cults call themselves "Christian". In addition, capitalism is reaply only a big thing among Christians in the western world, specifically the US.

The timelines seem to be having trouble on right now. I fixed the lagging timeline problem again, but it seems to be having loading issues.

Anyway, once we finish our fundraiser and get a better server, this should be a thing of the past. 😉

@noorul Yes. There are no restrictions. You can modify it and license it however. That is also a problem, because people can also make it into nonfree software with a restrictive license.

@selea Also, CC0 allows you to change the license to anything. It is not copyleft, it is the most permissive you can get. You can do absolutely anything with it.

Oh okay. I will admit that I have anarchist leanings in some ways (but I question the possibility of that actually happening).

I also respect your desire to stop discussing this. :-)

How do you find the balance or sane line between not falling for bad theology vs criticising everyone for everything they get wrong?

I just avoid all those apps that could track me. Unfortunately, I have yet to replace this device as a whole (and I missed my chance to root it). I am getting a PinePhone sometime though. It should fix that.

What about someone who genuinely wants to help? I am sure there are many of those.

Also, are you an anarchist? Or against police officers? I am a bit confused about where you are coming from here.

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