@PetabyteStudios A perfect mix. I very much enjoy Debian. I am more of a fan of Xfce or a plain window manager than MATE though, but I simply haven't used it much.

Do know that Ubuntu MATE is the only distribution which has the MATE tweak tool (or whatever the program for changing the layout easily is called) as I recall.

Personally I am using Gentoo with terminal and the i3 window manager when I need.

@zudn I don't know. No more than Opera does I suppose. Well, Opera is probably slightly worse. Maybe on par with Firefox. You know, the whole "we protect your privacy" and do some good things, but then go against it with some of their actions.

Fedora is pretty good as well. I would recommend that as well.

Debian is pretty good. You can install MATE on it if you'd like.

Ouch. Try seeing what's wrong from the terminal. Ctrl+alt+F1 should work for you.

The book lies open
Eyes examine, understand
Naked, pages shake

Call me crazy, but maybe we should do some research before blasting cities with possibly harmful radiation.

"We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe" blogs.scientificamerican.com/o via @sciam@twitter.com

We need to be a of the of the to the .

Stop and read that sentence slowly as a normal sentence.

You can find out, real quick, what kind of a person is (big or little "c") by knowing if they believe in the raising of the dead or not.

Now if be preached that he rose from the , how say some among you that there is no of the dead? But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not : And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching , and your is also vain.

@ataraxia937 This guy recently got his Librem 5 and has been posting about it: @lunduke

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