@PetabyteStudios I think that may cause unknown difficulties. I think that an IDE that simply autodetects what the file uses (like VSCode and Emacs) and autoindents that way. No messy conversions.

@PetabyteStudios Yes. Makefiles also require them. But I think that you need to consider the language. Python should have 4 spaces.

@PetabyteStudios It completely depends. C, C++, Go tabs 100%. Python, 4 spaces.

I think 4 spaces is also more standard for JavaScript. For example, see standardjs.

One of the things i LOVE about the one true God is that he has time for each of us. If we sit and it takes us six hours before we're ready to talk, he has time to, and WANTS to, abide with us. If we just need to hear the same song fifteen times, he doesn't mind - patience aka long-suffering is a fruit of the spirit - when we display patience, He is the parent we got that trait from.

At Goodwill, I was able to find a PC shell, some ram, and a hard drive all for US $20, which would all make a PC faster than some of the $200 computers they have at Best Buy. I didn't buy it though.

The idea that I am constantly under video surveillance at the store, walking on the sidewalk, going to school, driving or working:

(Choose the one that most applies.)

If your disk encryption password is breached, then you are screwed regardless. Because once someone has your unencrypted hard drive, they can do anything with it. A user password wouldn't stop it.

I've been thinking of a name for my server. Any ideas?

@mudgeelight I know there are some libre friendly capatchas, but I don't know about Joomla.

My personal opinion is that capatchas in general are a bad idea, since it just makes it harder for users. A better solution would be to trick the spambots with a "honeypot".

@codesections Delay is annoying. I either want to manually invoke it, or have it suggest automatically. I would prefer manual though simply because I don't need autocomplete so often and I want it to stay out of the way when I don't need it.

To people using Windows 7, I kindly advise you to use GNU/Linux. GNU is a free operating system. See gnu.org.

#GNU #upgradefromwindows #freesw

Question for the Fediverse: Is there a reliable way to do captchas on a Joomla3 site other than handing yet more site analytics data to the biggest search engine around?

@mgrondin It is even worse when you are in a completely different time zone. I started looking at Pine64's website before it was even the 15th there. 😂

@qyliss I think there needs to be more incentives for developers make free games. Maybe a paid store like Steam but with only free software, and with the benefits of game sync and save and clients for many platforms. There would be a catalogue of free games all distributed at a price set either by the maintainers of the game, or by the developers of this gaming software. Either way, most of the money would go to the game developer, with a bit for the gaming service to keep it going.

@kris What is particular do you find so interesting about it?

@nathansteiner41 Hey there! I see that you decided to join. 🙂 I hope There's Life is a great and welcoming community to you.

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