The #QOTO FunkWhale instance just surpassed its first 100 gigs of audio uploaded. Thats a lot of MP3s!

Good to see everyone enjoying the service.

Signup is free fr all QOTO users:

#fediverse #funkwhale #music

I especially like how the simple interface displays my lists on the sidebar when the window is wide enough.

Over the last few weeks I have been switching between the simple and advanced interfaces. Both work pretty well for me, but I like how the simple interface is set up.

@snype Are you talking about unlocking the keyring? This isn't a Plasma specific issue.

I am working on configuring via ssh with Emacs. It's pretty cool.

If only people weren't ridiculous and said it wasn't. 😉


@PetabyteStudios Not sure that is good or bad. As long as the code is neat and necessary 👍

@Kymberly Also, there's some good software to lessen the your eyestrain when you use a computer. I always use Redshift on my laptop.

@childofgod Happy birthday! Have a great day. 🙂

Or, as it is said here: Srećan rođendan!

@ShanShen It can be sensitive to your mouth if you aren't used to spicy things I guess...

It looks good as long as the static site generator supports HTML.

Maybe I'll set up an instance sometime for us to use.


@raf *Purchased* land technically. Although it came out of a war...

Eh. Depends on what you are doing. Setting up a static site with a simple generator shouldn't be so hard. But I have only done it once.


Yeah. You can set up Jekyll without code if you want, with a pre-set system plus GitHub/GitLab or whatever.


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