@George Yeah! I noticed your instance today as well. 🙂

One problem that I am having is with updating this instance (as you can see, I'm still on v2.7.0), but everything else is fine.

Thanks! I did a lot of work on Heb12 Desktop. I am working on a new release as well. Look forward to version 0.4.0 ;-)

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@twisterghost Then come up with a list of Nazis or something. Plus, why is it the app developer's place to do such a thing? Shouldn't the instance admins decide whether or not to federate with a certain instance?

I am going to see about making it easy to build an APK without the blocking code with a script. It would download the code for the latest release, change that file, and compile the APK.

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@felix I was thinking the same thing when I saw that PR. People expect to be logged into their account, but instead get sent to the proprietary YouTube.

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@twisterghost How about we donate to a fork which doesn't restrict usage of the application?

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@falkreon But it was a bad decision. Whether or not they have the "right" to do it or not doesn't mean they should.

@falkreon The problem is that they are restricting a certain group from using their apps simply because they think they disagree with the majority of the people in that group.

And by "group" I am referring to Gab users, not "nazis". Since the vast majority of Gab users are not nazis.

I agree it doesn't violate the GPL at all. But it does put them in a bad position where they are open to blocking instances from using the app because of political disagreements. How about they just stay away from politics? It's an app after all, not an instance.


@sobercatholic I am going to see if I can make such a script. Then I'll put the APKs on my website.

@bikesexual So freedom to restrict others is a part of free speech? Maybe, if you want to re-word it a bit, but it doesn't make censoring (as in censoring the person, not blocking themselves from seeing posts from that person) any less bad.

@sobercatholic Maybe we should come up with some scripts to automatically pull the latest release code from Tusky, replace the bad file with a file without the blocking, and package a new APK we can distribute.

The same goes for Fedilab.

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