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I am realizing that the federated timeline is getting increasingly worse. Some bad stuff was getting on there. Sadly I had to silence some people (which means only people following them will see their posts). I also deleted many posts from this server.

I am looking to keep clean and mostly child-friendly. The federated timeline is the bane of that. If you are looking for wholesome posts, this is one of the places. If you are looking for complete timelines etc, this is not the place

So many people oversimplify following Jesus as something "religious". It is not about following certain rituals or doing things to obtain some mighty being's favor. It is about having a close relationship with the one who both created you, and gave His life to save you so He could know you.

Okay, so nginx is working and running, diaspora* is working and running. What am I missing?

I got nginx working! And I also have HTTPS working. Both pluses.

The old fashioned turn off and back on seemed to work for my . 🤦‍♂️ But now nginx is not starting...

I don't really understand the ssl_dhparam of the nginx configuration...

I am setting up my SSL certificate for my Diaspora* pod.

Trying again to set up my pod. Maybe it will be up soon..

For some reason my connection to my server is slow when typing commands. This didn't happen before...

If you enjoy using, please consider buying the eBook 

I am going to pull up my book and finish it soon. I really liked the story, but I feel like I am less than half way done. :-)

Just enabled the relay again. How about we talk with the Fediverse community .

I am going to work on a diaspora* pod similar to this instance soon. I have many people interested in joining.

Greetings There's Life! (my instance). I will not be online for a while I believe.

Go to to learn more about what Mastodon is in general.

Shutting it down for the night. I don't want something to happen. Good night everyone!

Just connected to a relay. Unexpected things might happen now as tons of stuff starts flooding in...

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