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You get annoyed by having to enter your #Mastodon handle each time you want to follow/interact with someone on a "foreign" page?

I got that too, but I've made a little add-on to solve this "problem". 😃

It automatically "redirects" you to your own instance.

#Firefox #addon #Fediverse @switchingsocial

Software I want to stay away from in general:
- All proprietary software (I have to get a new WiFi adapter for that)
- systemd
- Electron-based apps (please don't point at Heb12, LOL)

#Lemmy is an open federated alternative to Reddit and is currently early in development. You can follow the project at:


There's also the open federated #Prismo, which is in a more advanced state of development:


You can try Prismo at:

(If you copy a Prismo user or post address into the Mastodon search box and click search, you can interact with it.)

(Thanks to @gaja for info about Lemmy.)

#Alternatives #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Reddit

I really want to turn to a fully free GNU/Linux distribution, but Wi-Fi adapters which do not require nonfree are expensive from ThinkPenguin and other sellers. uses Google docs, tell me again why?

The population of the US in 2018 was 327.2 million. Every year 30 people die from E. Coli, which can come from raw cookie dough. So, the chances of dying from eating raw cookie dough is approximately 0.0000092%. I don't feel bad, and man was it good! 😋

Oh, and I also keep the Kindle offline so that it never contacts Amazon or updates (it doesn't need it anyway).

I have been using calibre and an old Kindle for a few weeks now, and it has been amazing! Calibre does all I need and then some, and seamlessly integrates with

It enables me to use an Amazon Kindle device without depending on Amazon.

The city council where I live in Southern California just voted--narrowly--to mount "In God We Trust" over the council chamber. Though this is a traditionally conservative town, reactions were surprisingly mixed.

After over a year of development, the Heb12 Mobile app will be entering the Amazon app store at 04:30 PM PDT, 24 May 2019!

I just updated some more information on, hopefully encouraging people to join this site or others in the fediverse. :-D

I've just set up #Nextcloud for any that are interested! Users get 10 GB by default; let me know if you need more and we can talk.

Before registering, make sure you read this page:

It's available over clearnet:

And over #Tor as a #HiddenService:



This is the official Mastodon account for the site

It's a guide for non-technical people who are concerned about protecting their privacy online. It only lists easy-to-use sites and apps that are ethical and privacy-friendly.

You can find out more at

If you know someone who might benefit from this guide, please share the link with them!

#Introductions #NewHere #DeleteFacebook #DeleteGoogle #ReplaceFacebook

First toot! Checking out all the social networks as I figure I'll be booted from Twitter and Facebook sometime in the future!

Recently I switched from Ubuntu 19.04 to Fedora 30 and have loved it so far. Here is my #ScreenshotSunday contribution. #Fedora #Linux #Gnome

Finally works with Snaps! You can now get the latest updates from the repository very easily!

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