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I intend to use this joke on anyone I ever meet from now on named William!

#joke #jokes #mee #humour #Humor

This is the official Mastodon account for the Mastodon instance.

There is a new account at . Follow @life for updates about the maintenance of There's Life and other updates specific to this instance.

New domain block for :

Reason: they have been spamming followers on other instances, and this block was done to prevent them from doing the same on There's Life.

To people having some lags or crashes, could you enable bug reports from settings and send these reports? Thanks 🙏

fedilab | gab (again) 

"Let's be real folks. When the first amendment was written, "abridging the freedom of speech" meant parchment paper and the spoken word. Do you know how long it took to write on parchment paper? We need modern laws for modern communication tools and technology." / @r3bl wrote a good blog post about a city which cannot be mentioned without the government's permission.

Current information on instance domain blocks on .

Any instance will be silenced or suspended for simply having sexual references in it's name.

Instance blocks on There's Life:

- | rejecting media files | Pornography
- | rejecting media files | Pornography (illegal in some juristictions)
- | Harassment
- | rejecting media files | Pornography
- | rejecting media files | Pornography
- s***
- | rejecting media files | Pornography

- | For spamming hundreds of follows to accounts
- sin***.com | Pornography
- **** | Pornography
- artalley.**** | Pornography
- girl****.club | Pornography

(this is the repost of it, but with the names censored).

now has a maximum character limit of 1000 characters. Use them well.

You can also put 1000 characters in your profile description, and you can have 6 fields for describing yourself.

Tell me if I went overboard or not.

Here is the guide I used:

I feel deeply for the families and friends of the victims of the two most recent incidents in El Paso and Dayton, not to mention the terrible violence that goes on in cities like Chicago, that seldom get notice, or in countries like Venezuela, Brazil, China, and other highly violent places. It motivates me to work harder to spread God's message of peace and reconciliation.

I am working on a new set of Bible-related tools built in Python. I am starting from the ground up, and am currently working on a Bible reference parser.

I am going to license my next program under a BSD-3-clause-style license with this for the second clause:

2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions, the following disclaimer, and the following Bible verse(s) in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.

With a Bible verse at the bottom of the license.
Sound good?

Someone reported me (from another instance) a while back to myself. It is a bit funny.

I just checked out my PixelFed account again after a long time, and found that PixelFed has been getting a lot better. Maybe I will eventually set up an instance (don't count on it anytime soon though).

How interested would you all folks be interested in a Bible bot? One that posts a random Bible verse every couple hours or so?

Please reply with your opinions.

What happened to the others in the profile directory?

Autofollows isn't working with follower verification enabled. 😞

There's Life notice:
DO NOT donate via any of the options provided for now. I have been locked out of my PayPal, and am unable to access anything there for now.

This also includes LiberaPay. I will add notices elsewhere as well (including removing the links).

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