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Is there a way to change measurement unit (cm or inch) by document? All I see is the option for the software across the board.

has been upgraded to Mastodon version v3.0.0.

Highlighted features:
- New profile directory:
- See domain blocks (see the bottom of
- Better account migrations
- Better search
- Better DMs
- New audio player
- Admin improvements
- UI improvements

See more at

Note: You will notice that we now have a 500 character limit instead of 1000. This will be fixed as soon as possible.

Supreme Court to Hear Major Abortion Case that Could ‘Gut Roe v. Wade’

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Friday to take up a major abortion case that pro-choice groups fear will “gut Roe” but that pro-life advocates hope will lead to the reversal of the landmark decision.

So we have microblog networking like and . We have macroblog social networking like * and . We also have for videos, and for pictures. Should someone make a project specifically for audio messages? I see great potential for such a project, but would people use it?

Nice explanation of how a post reaches one of your timelines.

Did stop accepting ? I was paying for hosting with it. Now the option no longer seems to be there.

Should I upgrade to Mastodon 3.0 now?

Here is the poll:

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The bug with 3.0 with account redirections appears to be fixed (you can now cancel redirections). This is good, and I may consider upgrading to 3.0 sometime soon.

However, the redirection still makes even the /about page inaccesible while logged into the disabled account, and it also does not allow you to be logged out.

But at least it is possible to cancel the redirection to enable usage of the account again.

The other problem which remains is the lack of OStatus support.

Does any user communicate with anyone on a GNU Social instance?

I need your help. Who here is politically conservative *and* supports Free Software?

Is there anyone with good experience with browser extensions or otherwise is good with ? I would like to make a browser extension which would allow features of to work better with enabled, and was wondering if anyone would like to help out.

I just installed auto-complete in GNU Emacs. It is pretty cool.

Love your neighbor

James 2:8 You will be doing the right thing if you obey the law of the Kingdom, which is found in the scripture, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” (GNT)

Egypt Is Using Apps to Track and Target Its Citizens, Report Says

A cybersecurity firm says evidence suggests the Egyptian government carried out cyberattacks on journalists, academics, lawyers and rights activists.

It is just odd the hatred directed towards Amber Guyger.

The situation is just horrible all around. There are no winners. It is just tragic from all angles.

Guyger was not going out and trying to kill someone, it was a mistake. Of course, mistakes have consequences, especially ones which involve someone else's life. But we shouldn't be yelling, "racist!" Especially after what happened at the end of the trial.

Yet another incredible turn on this story:

Amber Guyger's judge gave her her own personal bible and told her to read John 3:16, before she was led away to begin her sentence.

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