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Beware of As we know they block complete countries, instances and users.

But... they also hardly federate with the rest of the #fediverse. You can see that if you compare them with similar sized instances (see image from

And... they also use CloudFlare.

So please tell to people on #Gab that they are on a broken instance, are tracked by CloudFlare and miss the real fun of the fediverse!

♲ Amazon workers plan “Prime Day” Strike at Minnesota warehouse. Engineers plan to show solidarity w/colleagues.

To stand in solidarity w/them, please don’t cross the digital picket line by ordering from or going to Amazon’s site or app July 15-16…

Is there a good online option for this feature: having a large list of possible to-do items and being able to choose among them to include in a given day?

Federation appears to be working between Gab and other ActivityPub nodes.

The NSA has searched millions of Americans’ telephone call records--all without a warrant or, for the vast majority of these calls, any suspicion of wrongdoing. It's time to put an end to the CDR program.

By the way everyone, I have made it past 1000 on this account! I am not sure if I should congratulate myself for the accomplishment, or condemn myself for spending too much time on Mastodon.


If you still are used by , , , or any other centralized, anti-privacy dis-service, please spread the word there about the social media strike taking place on July 4th through 5th.

On what legal grounds can a company forbid "deep-linking"? Such restrictions seem ridiculous and I entirely agree with the W3C on this subject.

is entering the tomorrow. I have written a blog post outlining this. Read it if you are interested.

I realize today I have favorite size formats for paper (A4+ and B5). Does this make me a nerd?

Whats your favorite paper size format?

Early to the gym
Staying fit and trim
Starting high and strong
Going far and long

OK. Some people keep rating the app one star because I don't block an instance.

Unfortunately, their lack of comprehension concerning the Fediverse (manipulated by some propaganda) make they think that the app is not safe to use.

You have every tools with the app to avoid interacting with people you don't want to see.

Yes, you're perfectly right and I know it (lot of feedback), that's why I was kidding about that :)
If you know UX designers that want to contribute, I would *and others* be happy.

Need a 'plan' to read the Bible through in a year? Two chapters in the morning and two in the evening will get you through the OT once a year and the NT three times a year.

Below is a link to my blog post. If my plan doesn't fit your needs, then do an internet search for key words such as 'annual bible reading plan' or New Testament reading plan.


"SMART (surveillance marketed as revolutionary technology)"

That's a great acronym!

I live for . I adhere to one standard: Holy . I refuse to speak of anything but, to go beyond. Religion belongs to man; the new covenant of Christ is given by and must be received as given. This is my work.

Lots of newcomers to , so hello and welcome! Folks on our Mastodon instance are helping out with a new . Follow me too if you're interested in

(I do , called )

(especially adults with autism)


I'm kinda sorta into politics, very but not necessarily . My citizenship is in God's kingdom FIRST and foremost.

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