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Kamala Harris on BLM riots: ‘They’re not going to let up, and they should not’

The Democrats' vice presidential nominee fully supports Black Lives Matter riots and warns that they will last beyond the election.

Challenges, priorities, and progress in anti-censorship technology at Tor

Censorship circumvention is a complex and ever evolving problem, and this blog post summarizes our approach in tackling it.

Read more our new blog post:

Dr. Fauci admits that asymptomatic transfer of COVID is NOT the driver of infection. That means masks and shutdowns do nothing.

California Baptist church given $10k dollar fine for meeting and singing (yes they were fined extra for singing).
Burning down buildings, smashing cars, attacking residents, injuring police officers = peaceful protests.
Praying and singing together = Dangerous activity? $10k fine???

Deavitae - Very comprehensive explanation of what the nano particalised vaccine adjuvants( aluminum) do to your (brain) body... barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis - Chilling.

"Kamala Harris says that the riots are not going to stop, ever, and to BEWARE. With a smile on her face."


The woman is evil.


Investigated for Selling or Buying Bible Players

The CCP persecutes people for electronic devices with religious content as part of the campaign against "illegal publications and pornography."

>Weiquanwang (Rights Protection Network), a blog dedicated to human rights in China, reported about four Christians—Fu Xuanjuan, Deng Tianyong, Han Li, and Feng Qunhao—who were arrested on July 2 on charges of “illegal business operations” selling Bible players.

Re "As followers of Christ, we are called to stand up for life and against the politically correct or fashionable today. We must fight against a legislative agenda that supports and even celebrates destroying life in the womb."

Full-List of bots:

The WHO is monitoring online conversations and emotions, using "social listening" to change COVID narratives

While in prison Jon Ponder found Christ, who transformed Ponder’s life, leading Ponder to start a successful program with the FBI agent who arrested him to help former inmates lead productive, fulfilling lives after prison. What a story.

This isn’t protest. This is vicious, degrading ideology. This is what you get when you think love of America is “false consciousness” and the two-parent family is “structural” oppression & all of American society is “systemically” unjust. It’s pathetic, warmed-over Marxism

We now have real data from all over Europe showing school reopenings aren't a risk. "In England, [June school openings were] associated with a total of 198 confirmed COVID-19 cases."

NOT deaths or hospitalizations. Cases.

England has 56 million people.

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