@PetabyteStudios and looks like I'm able to push now. Thanks for your hard work maintaining this Gitea service Daniel 👍

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@PetabyteStudios I think I'm able to access the website now, but whenever I try to push I get a 504.

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@jwinnie any recommended literature to understand left anarchism? I'd like to believe it's compatible with our faith.

@jwinnie any chance we'll see a theres.life email service?

@jwinnie hey how are things going running theres.life ?

I'm told that the Sydney Anglicans are quite nameworthy. Too bad I haven't had a chance to visit one of their parishes. I wonder how their worship compares to what I'm familiar with.

Hey @PetabyteStudios , I think the SSL certificate has expired for code.heb12.com . Would you mind checking it out when you're free?

@PetabyteStudios Hey is there some maintenance going on with code.heb12.com I think I'm getting a 503 error.

Praise God, we've reached a new Palm Sunday.🌴

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@josias Heeeeeeeyyy Josias, just checking in asking how you're doing with learning Haskell. Any projects or new code that you've implemented in it?

@josias how's life looking in Serbia now after a year or so of the pandemic?

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