I wonder, what can I do to help out more in church?

@josias how's life looking in Serbia now after a year or so of the pandemic?

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@josias Hey any update on the possibility for a kingdompod / theres.life email or matrix service?

Today I learned from Dr. Jim Renihan that the 1596 True Confession and William Ames text "The Marrow of Sacred Divinity" account for approximately 2/3 of the content of the First London Confession of Faith. Goes to show that they weren't making it up as they went, but were drawing on orthodox texts and figures.

After doing some digging here's a copy of the True Confession of 1596.


I'm grateful that God gave me an opportunity to attend church today. I hope to never forget that worshipping together is a gift from God.

Time to go to church and hopefully soon engage in communion after six months.

Dang whenever I misunderstand others it leads to larger problems in my life.

My friends and I were able to finish reading Matthew 26-28 tonight. Honestly it's amazing how Jesus was willing to grow through all of that to fulfill the will of the Father.

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How do you guys get more out of your Bible studies? I've only been able to get a surface level understanding of the text.

@josias Hey just checking up on the possibility of a kingdompod / theres.life email service. Is it still in the cards Josias?

Anyone have any activities or hobbies that they do when it's raining outside?

I had a conversation with my Dad and over the course of it I realized that all my gripes with him when I was a kid were wrong. He and my Mom did the best that they could when they raised me and my brother. I hope that he forgives me for all the trouble I've caused him. By God's grace, I hope to grow in Christ more after this.

I really need to take a break from otaku activities.

I was reading through the first three chapters of the Book of Micah yesterday with some friends. It's amazing how the subject of God's judgement on Jerusalem + Samaria, and the subject of God's planned restoration of Israel persists throughout the books of the prophets.

I finally got around to reading the letters my little cousins wrote to me. Some of my cousins gave me their email addresses and asked if I'd be interested in emailing them instead.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about changing our correspondences to email. On one hand, writing emails to each other will result in less latency between us. On the other, I treasure the experience of opening a letter from my little cousins, and the intimacy of the entire process.

Regardless, I think that I should get a kingdompod or theres.life email address before sending them an email.

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