Is there a FLOSS music tag editor application that supports embedding album art for Android? Google isn't giving me much.

@masterofthetiger apparently funkwhale will reject the music if it isn't properly tagged and / or missing album art. I want to upload music to a funkwhale instance, so I can access it away from my devices.

@nethaniah You need to "embed album art for Android" or do you need "an editor for Android".

If the first: kid3 is the go-to application.

@berkes Thanks for the suggestion. From a preliminary look, it should suit my needs. Thank you!

@berkes seems like the android version doesn't support adding album art? I think there's documentation for doing so on CLI and desktop.

@nethaniah I'm not that familiar with the Android build.

But the desktop and cli certainly allow setting album art. Not very userfriendly, IMO. But I guess that is the price for being versatile and full-featured.

@berkes yeah that's the amazing thing about free software and CLI. More productive and extendable. Hopefully someone gets around to it soon.

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