Philosphical question about IT and privacy. 

@mudgeelight go low tech.

Paper journals, snail mail, paper diary, paper phone book.

Gov't can collect your hard copies if they want, or thieves, but it's very hard for ID thieves etc to hack a paper journal.

Also avoid suspicious keywords and generate white noise. Use the power of the english language.

I've just been musing how odd folks seem to fit in better in some country towns - some are cliquey and some have a clique, but some can be very accepting of the oddballs in their midst.

"Ah, that's just Johnny. You know how he is."

@zephan I feel a bit bad for the guy. He shared a dream with his community and it hit the national stage, and now he has hundreds of thousands of people badgering him for more. I suspect it would feel nearly impossible for him to rest and discern properly at this point... but when he shares, he talks honestly and with Christ in the centre of everything he says, and that's really refreshing after all the Professional prophets who are busy big-noting themselves

@ChiaChatter You mentioned Maemo... There's a version of Maemo that runs on pinephone :D (Not sure what state it's in.) And a case that looks a lot like a N900, but it's only a prototype (not for sale yet if ever).

What distro should i put on my PinePhone?

Also is there a linux phone bible app? (Which distros run it....?)

@BlindHedgehog @josias you say, "just" as though it's easy and doesn't cost you *everything*


A) I am a Calvinist
B) I believe that the elect were predestined before the beginning of creation to be conformed to his likeness ... (Rom 8.29, eph 1:5)
C) he knew all of our days before we were born (Psalm 139:16)
D) i believe that unless you repent you will never enter the kingdom of God
E) we are still commanded to go into all the world and make disciples (Mat 28:20 is in our bibles too, we don't selectively edit)

... i don't see where the argument is

@ChiaChatter @mudgeelight yes, it is serious. It concerns me that where Tozer might say "our sin grieves God - it is not what He wants. He calls us to lay down our lives and follow him" what I hear locally sounds more like, "consider if christianity might have something to say to your life and whether some of the laws we find in the bible might be worth following" - partly that it's watered down but partly that we talk about God like He's a concept, not a person who is in the room.

@Jradical That image is great... except for the swastika.

Good concept, taken a tad too far to go mainstream and be useful

@kris mmm. That would be a hard place to try and reach people too

@quoll worst case the pastor kicks them out of church for bringing the wrong people to church - addicts, whores, and single parents ... i have friends who were literally asked to stop bringing people to church

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In the Aussie church, if someone keeps trying to tell other people about Jesus, Best case we call them a missionary and send them far, far away ... worst case the pastor t

@kris haha. Yes, we have hillsong - also CityAlight which is better, or Planetshakers and others if you like loud music. We have many churches ... but the proportion of people who attend church more than once a month is under 10%. twenty years ago at the census we were 60% nominal christian (all types), last census that was down to 52%

@kris Yes... I am with you there. We choose a church based on where we feel we can contribute and where we feel our children will be discipled and supported as part of the community

@kris meanwhile they all claim to be biblical and christ centered. pffft.

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