@ChiaChatter that's heartbreaking - may he take have men in his life who acknowledge that the way he was treated was wrong, and may he use his experience to care for others later in life

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The future of Windows everyone, yes It's not fully locked down yet but It's only a matter of time. They only let you Install Windows without an account If you physically disconnect your internet cable and click 'I have no Internet'.

They'll require you to have an account with the Microsoft Store and kill off .exe's completely, Steam saw this from a mile away with Windows 8 which Is why they've been heavily supportive of Linux. Get ready for a walled garden that's a privacy nightmare.


@mudgeelight that would probably feel a bit creepy actually, if my phone was popping up and suggesting i was doing things. It might need to be more like a what-do-i-do-now button that runs scripts or something

@josias No Groups and no privacy lists - as in no ability to selectively publish stuff to different overlapping groups (e.g. private/family updates vs political posts vs technical posts).

You can make different accounts but it feels schizophrenic to do that and takes a mindset shift after every other service discourages duplicate accounts. But not being able to make groups is a bit of a killer

@mudgeelight someone could probably figure out a way to integrate monicaCRM with the calling app on a Linux phone. I wish i had more coding time

@b2e He only talks about the US because YHWH only showed him the US. Have you heard anything that talks about Australia?

Guess I should say hi. Hi everyone.

@b2e Thankyou! It looks like a great place to hang out

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