Too many Christians are kneeling at the base of the cross when they should be looking up at Jesus at the right hand of the Father.

This is Jane's Baptism video from August 31st at Southsea Beach with me and Sarah.

Did you know that we did not eat meat until after the Flood when the Lord said to Noah that he now could? Adam and Eve did not eat meat at all.

I believe we will not have to eat at all when we get our resurrected bodies and we will not have to eat in heaven. So all meat eaters need to make hay while the hay shines now. Time is limited.

Do you think there are any reasons why God cant or wont heal. In this post are 21 Myths and Excuses that Christians us to why God cant or wont heal. Jesus died and rose again not only for our sins but for our healing as stated in Isaiah 53. I know that healing is a touchy subject but this is because the devil has fought this tooth and nail. Children and adults die everyday and they dont need to. I battle with my health but that does not stop me from believing.

Are you in God's Witness Program in which we have :-
1. Protective custody/ New Place to Live
2. New Name
3. New Life - Romans 6:1-5
4. New Job/Vocation - Ephesians 4:1-4
5. New Citizenship
6. New Heart/Spirit
7. New Mind Rom 12:2

Which Soil or Ground are you?
Many struggle with their Christian walk and wonder why. Jesus explained why some people do well and others dont. I battle with my Christian walk so I hope this post will encourage and challenge you. This life is so short and eternity is forever.

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