We're supposed to be heading out the door in under an hour... i need to go wake all the kids, but i don't want to because it's peaceful and i am desperately clinging to the last wisps of solitude and time to reflect

Solitude is wonderful

I love it when you get smart people together and they have interesting conversations, and you get to join in <3

Blecchhhh... getting metho on your hands and realising you rubbed your face is a good way to learn to wash your hands more 🙈🙈

In other news, Trangias are fantastic little things

This is a public post, but my account is locked. What you can't see is mostly followers-only private posts about family, and just day-to-day or local stuff

If you know me, send me an sms or msg and I can give you an invite link to join directly

Hi Fediverse. Guess what? Steam rollers still don't roll steam.

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