One of Theophane the Recluse - one of Russia's 19th century saints writings on psalms:

"Today we have lots of charitable organisations. But do no think that by making a contribution you are free from being charitable privately. One is its own, and you do yours. And even though charitable organisations do not happen without God's will - the closest and direct will of God is a chance for good that's right in front of your eyes.

If you miss it, you will go against God. God has many giving hands, and there are people who will give to the charities, but God gives you this honour to do good directly, so that you yourself could open His giving hand. Look out, do turn away this honour, like those in the parable called to the wedding."

Sorry for the clumsy translation

This is a true thing, people prefer to leave the giving to others; living a sacrificial life is something that only a few do, even among Christians.

@ChiaChatter strange how that happened? The growth of all these charitable organisations is a Chrisitian phenomenon, but also it's a challenge for the individual

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