So much category confusion happening here.
God has a will of decree, and a will of desire. God is the opener and closer of wombs. God also provides the means to overcome these limitations, such as medical impotence. This has nothing to do with the issue at hand with respect to abortion, which is the personhood of the killed child.

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I don't know how much longer I will last on here tbh. The compulsive notification-checking behavior I used to experience on Twitter is coming back. We'll try signing out and seeing if that helps.

When I read about authors from the 19th century, often they talk about serializing their work through a handful of issues of a print magazine. That sounds fun to read. I have no idea if any magazine still does things like that anymore.

My hat is off to the folks who spend hundreds of hours translating and localizing obscure Japanese turn-based RPGs from the mid 90s just so a dozen people can play them for half an hour and get bored. Your calling is true.

@libreoffice can you give us your assurance that you will never send the contents of our documents, or anything we do in the software, for that matter, to online services without our permission?

I am not taking one position or the other on the validity of the election. It's over now. Biden is POTUS. It seems like the more logical thing to happen when you actually believe an election was stolen was less trying again in four years and more what you saw January 6th.

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The problem with Trump 2024 is convincing people why they should vote when the election was stolen last time. Won't it just happen again? Are the forces that stole it last time any less powerful now?

"Imagine how much worse it would be if I wasn't vaccinated."

- Every healthy vaccinated person who has the same symptoms one would expect if he or she were unvaccinated

On my last mastodon account, I would see mostly furries, socialists, and transgender individuals. Now I see a lot more of what I used to see on Gab or Minds.

So I just finished watching AGDQ. I said a lot earlier in the marathon but one of the last comments I'll make is that donations "breaking records" really only incentivizes the GDQ staff to keep doing online marathons indefinitely under the pretense of event safety, while saving tons of money on the overhead an in-person event would incur. Even when the pandemic is over, 'Can we ever be too safe?'

Thanks for having me. I'll upload my older posts a bit later.

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