“You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.”

World Economic Forum deletes tweet after backlash against its proposed dystopia

The WEF's proposals didn't get the response it was hoping for.


Another one bites the dust!

Wordpress deplatforms popular blog The Conservative Treehouse

Censorship of this kind is becoming the norm.



? Are you familiar with:

Which would be easier to use for a non geek like me? 😀

I would like to host my own XMPP over TOR as well as a gemini protocol server on a Single Board like OrangePI or RaspberryPi - something cheap and that doesn't use a lot of electricity.

I think is the only one that can install gemini server?

Social Media App 'Parler' Gains 5 Million Users, Americans Fed Up with 2020 Election Coverage

The conservative-leaning social media platform Parler saw a sharp increase in downloads last weekend as many users are now opting for this app over Facebook and Twitter.



Alternative social network CloutHub says it has been deplatformed by IBM

>CloutHub’s founder and CEO Jeff Brain told Reclaim The Net IBM “didn’t give us any heads up, no warning, and took a shotgun approach to remove everything.”

>Brain added that the takedown impacted “faith groups, police groups, a national news outlet and many more.”

We are OK \••/ Power/internet is back :)

Vamco / Ulysses Leaves Wide Spread Damage and Flooding as it leaves the Philippines

Vamco / Ulysses dropped a staggering amount of rainfall across central Luzon, furthermore we have seen significant storm surge along the east coast. Here is ...


>"They're not really after me, they're after you. I'm just in their way." - President Donald J. Trump

Very sad indeed :(

Mozilla turns its attention to censoring decentralized tech

Mozilla has lost its way.

>“As major internet platforms like Twitter and YouTube crack down on hate groups, these (decentralized) online communities don’t just go away” – this is the kind of thing Mozilla will publish on its blog these days.


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Aftermath of Typhoon Gomi

Aerial images: Flooding and destruction in the Philippines after Typhoon Goni | AFP

Villages are submerged in muddy waters in central Albay province in the Philippines after deadly Typhoon Goni pounded the country. Subscribe to AFP and activ...


Power is back. We are OK. We were in the cone path, but typhoon moved further south away from us after landfall around 12 hours ago. Thanks for your prayers! \••/

Please pray \••/

Super Typhoon Goni / Rolly Makes Landfall, Strongest Storm on Record Since Haiyan

Typhoon Goni / Rolly is just now making landfall with winds gusting up to 235mph or 378kph. This is the strongest storm to make landfall in the Philippines s...


Pray for the Philippines. No loss of life.
May not have power here for days. so you won't hear from me for awhile - Z

Super Typhoon Goni Makes Landfall In Philippines

>Goni -- which intensified into a "super" typhoon as it neared the Philippines -- comes a week after Typhoon Molave hit the same region of the natural disaster-prone archipelago.


"Before men I might reach a limited few, but before God I could reach the whole world!" - Evan Roberts

When I first moved to the Philippines I was shocked to see this on public tv!

Cock or rooster fighting is in almost every town and village of the PH.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Poor Samson! A man called by God to be a deliverer of Israel (before His birth), by an angel of the Lord. Endued with power to defeat the enemies of God, he squandered his life pursuing the desires of his flesh.

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