Proverbs 15:15

>Life is always hard for the poor, but the right attitude can turn it into a party.

On the List of countries by natural disaster risk the Philippines ranks 169 out of 172.

You would think that Bangladesh would be worse, but it is 167:

Situated on the "ring of fire" (earhquakes, volcanos), with numerous typhoons, landslides and flooding, you would think that Filipinos are miserable people.

Not so! Fiesta time!

Filipinos are world renowned for the smiles on their faces. Just go to Hong Kong, and you will quickly spot them among all the frowning busy people. And believe me, it is not because they are paid lots of money to work there!

They love to sing (karaoke), dance, and most importantly - eat together with friends and family.

And the poor are smiling :)

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