Proverbs 24:27
"First get your fields ready, next plant your crops, and then build your house."

First, next and then. 1 2 and 3.

How different things are today!

There will be "perilous times" in the end times as "evil men and seducers ... wax worse and worse..." The new normal will be an increased persecution for followers of Jesus, as the birth pangs of tribulation grow stronger and more frequent.

Brace yourselves. Brace yourselves!

As the beast system rises from the destruction of this present system, it would be wise to prepare.

Do you know how to grow food? Don't be fearful - be like the ant who "provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest. Consider her ways and be wise.

If you don't know how to grow food, consider moving to where people know how and learn. Become friends with your neighbors and share the Gospel with them. "Love your neighbors" will be more than just philosophy in the days we are facing.

Beloved, let us love one another and prepare.

@zephan I don't know how to grow food or hunt, and I'm terrible at fishing! But the Lord has provided this amazing place, surrounded by Amish community who DO grow, woods, a lovely river, and all sorts of plants that I need to learn which are edible and which are not. I can make flour out of anything and cook and bake. I believe I could survive one way or another, even if - God forbid! - I were to find myself alone. I know He has put us in this place at this time. (This is a BIG river, and it runs right behind us, part of this lot that doesn't usually get shown. A blessing for water as well as, potentially, fish!)

If there are Amish nearby that is wonderful. Mennonite too. They know how to grow food. My big concern for you up north is staying warm in a RV. If electric grid goes down or as I believe the sun is going into a cooling cycle there are problems for cooler climates.

@zephan Yes, we are going into a cooling cycle...our plan for this winter is to "tent" the motorhome with a large, extremely heavy duty, clear tarp - creating a greenhouse, sort of. That's just one of the options we are looking into 🌞

@zephan How do you prepare if you live in a City environment and cant grow anything as we live in a flat. Do you have a doc with some suggestions?

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