Somebody tell that I ain't going to complete their captcha. I legitimately followed a link, and refuse to be treated as a second-class dog who has to jump through the loops.

I agree. Plus, since I disable nonfree software from running in my browser, the capatcha won't even load. Use to view the site if you need to.

What browser do you use? I don't know that I could do that, in terms of needs to reach certain content.

@zudn I use GNU IceCat with Tor and LibreJS.

Just go to

It should work unless they block the Wayback machine crawlers.

I think I downloaded that one once, ages ago.
May take a peek there, thanks.

@zudn They only package it for GNU/Linux and free operating systems. But you can put a Tor extension and LibreJS on any Firefox-based browser.

Yeah, I looked and saw nothing usable for me.
I use mostly Brave, so I have Tor for that. Haven't used any Firefox-based stuff in a while. I used to try them all out, just about. I have the Tor browser, but it's slow.

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