Ring watched your kids trick or treat and then bragged about it

> Even if trick-or-treating videos come from Ring owners, the use of the footage for a  Halloween story is just plain obtuse. It highlights a major problem with big tech: these companies turn our human interactions into data, and use that data (and content) for whatever they please.

Rings TOS -- You hereby grant Ring and its licensees an unlimited, irrevocable, fee free and royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide right to use, distribute, store, delete, translate, copy, modify, display, and create derivative works from such Content that you share through our Services including, without limitation, the Ring Neighbors feature or application, the Ring Community, or via a share link, for any purpose and in any media format. 

That being said I agree there should be an option to opt out. But until there is, it's in the TOS that they have this right. If people don't like that then don't use the product.

You're correct. But how many people go to the trouble to read the TOS or think about the implications of using a service like that? They're sold on the advantages, never told about the dark side.

@zudn Oh I'm with you, completely agree. I'm guilty of not reading the things as often as I should. But then I take the responsibility for it if it bites me. Regrettably most companies are not going to 'do the right thing' if they don't have to. Data is money and most times the choice is agree or don't benefit from the service, not much in-between with companies.

Kinda like all the cookie notices that want you to click accept. If you don't, what's your options? Just go away?

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