70 tabs and counting. I need to go back through them and close the ones I don't need.

I suppose that my tabs are a reflection of my mind -- doing many things at the same time.

I hear you on that one. But you're a lot more talented than me. I'm like the guy twirling plates, one at a time, while the others start to wobble.

@zudn I am pretty inefficient. I feel like I don't get much done when I do it like this. Maybe I should just get away from my browser and use text-based browsers where I can. Then use an alternative Mastodon client.


I've been trying to pare down my projects, or at least prioritize them. It's a struggle.

@zudn I have been doing the same. But it is more of a crazy "TODO" list.

Haha Now, so tell how to reduce down to ONE to-do list. :)

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