A Yahoo group I'm still on — one of two — is closing due to lack of participation. Another example of FB sucking the air out of the internet.
I thought about offering to close the gap in some decentralized form, but if they can't make a go of it there, I doubt I could make much of a difference — and I'm in no position to host or manage.

@zudn I can't wait to see the same thing happen to Facebook, frankly...

@zudn HA! But actually today I'm putting a message board up on my blog - it won't be live yet - and I'm thinking that'll give FB a run for its money! 😆🤣😆

Go for it!
What are you using for the message board?

@zudn At the moment I'm trying out Hootboard. I didn't want a forum, and everything seems to be forums. I like the bulletin board format, and it allows discussion but IDK how yet. Just installed it about an hour ago, and I keep stopping to watch the turkeys in the yard hahaha

Not familiar with it. I tried Muut on several of my sites, and it works well, but no takers in terms of participation.

@zudn That's one of the things that I liked about this. I - or a "plant" (ha!) - can put up quick, short things and they CAN be stand-alone, or can spark discussion IF it works the way I'm hoping it does. Otherwise it just looks like an attractive board for micro-posts. Either way I will get use out of it. But of course, the plan is to spark comments that can lead to discussions.

@zudn Hmmmm, the more I'm sitting here playing with it, the more I like it...

Sorry to hear that. Hope you find something that will fit the bill.

@zudn In the grand scheme of things, not a big deal :). I'm just going to do something different. Probably could have figured it out with Gutenberg Blocks plugin, but I don't have that much patience 😜

@zudn A Yahoo group I've belonged to closed not due to lack of participation but due to Yahoo closing all groups. Is that not true?

Yahoo removed archives, but the groups remain.

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