In the Aussie church, if someone keeps trying to tell other people about Jesus, Best case we call them a missionary and send them far, far away ... worst case the pastor t

@quoll worst case the pastor kicks them out of church for bringing the wrong people to church - addicts, whores, and single parents ... i have friends who were literally asked to stop bringing people to church

@quoll I have been reading about the persecution of Christians in churches in AU...something most of us never thought we'd see. It will happen everywhere though, if biblical prophesy is to be believed (which of course it is). That is so very will people hear the gospel if Christians aren't permitted to share it???

@zudn @ChiaChatter @quoll that IS cool. There are house church networks over here, i wonder how they're going ... 🤔


@mudgeelight @ChiaChatter @quoll
Probably varies according to the fear factor.

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