A goof in the NET Bible site on notes 5 and 6, for Micah 3. The print 1st edition that I have is the same.

Maybe somebody revised it and forgot to check the notes?

This is a very fine version and the notes are good. One small glitch here.

Was redirected to this URL:

Translation: We can't make money off you yet, so you can't read our life-changing .

A spot in our city, not far from our street, some 7-8 min away.

What flavor of Markdown is used in glitch-soc? I went searching in the documentation but only got a 404 File not found.

Daily Study Bible: Morning, June 2 biblehub.com/devotions/Morning

> ... who can defeat Omnipotence?

Me: That about sums it up.

Two devotionals side by side wind up complementing one another. (See image.) Now that's intersectionality.

From The Book of the Acts of God, G.E. Wright and R.H. Fuller

The view next to my house. I live in the city. We're in a privileged spot.

Ever see this chart on the Greek prepositions? Cool. If you're not the chap in the chart.

Very nice out tonight. Tried some photos with cellphone, not good at all, but the blurry effect isn't so bad, actually. Not sure you can call it hahaha

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