@stef20 Awesome! You saw my diaspora* post?

Some DNS servers are still going back to this server. LOL. I was almost done changing theres.life to a completely new server and restarting. But I tried one last time. And it worked!

@masterofthetiger Yes, I tried just because currious view if it's worked ;-)

@stef20 lol. You opened it a couple minutes after it worked. Amazing.

@masterofthetiger Rom 12:5 We are only one body. I suppose many times it's because this we know or make things in union with the brothers and sisters. :)

@masterofthetiger I just finished a small work for the Church and a thing inside me said try go on Theres.life 🙂

@stef20 That's really cool. Maybe the other people who probably forgot about theres.life after it went down will be back.

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