Day 2 of my cycling holiday. Tallangatta was built in the 1950's when 'Old Tallangatta' was flooded. *Every* building uses 1950's architecture. It reminds me of 'Back to the Future I' and Pleasantville.

In Accessibility testing we say 'Accessibility helps everyone'. It's been born out this holiday. Wheelchair access has made things easier for me a cyclist.

Holy Spirit as female. Somewhat blown away. Was researching the Holy Spirit looking for inspiration for semiotic imagery for . Pleased to stumbled across this. Makes better sense of Gen 1-2 . Also happily curious about 'Jewish Christians expressed themselves in images, not in logical concepts'.

Episode 9 is out! Topic: “Our work is impacted by sin.”
Really impressed by my churches new / focused

I left my laptop in the bedroom with my sleeping wife. I plugged my phone(Galaxy S10) into my USB hub (monitor, keyboard and mouse) and got my everyday tasks done.
Pleasantly surprised how well it worked.

published one day apart (eye roll)
1. Aboriginals protest disrespectful obituary of Elder by New York Times
2. Aboriginals protesting the Queen on her day of mourning.

Been having a look at what OpenAI has been getting up to. AI that writes text (GPT-3), writes code(Codex), generates visual art (DALL-E) and music (Jukebox). All of them create way faster than humans. All of them contain elements of technical skill vastly superior and inferior to me. However this will change over time and due to Moores law will become cheaper to run.
My first reaction is, hmmm Universal Basic Income seems a good idea... Second is why do I do what I do and how would it change if the economic incentive and feelings of productivity (because AI could do it better, faster and cheaper) were gone. Or put it another way, if whatever you chose to do most 'people' would be able to do it 'better' than you. What would you choose to do? Based on my current interests... family, God, art and cycling :D
I hope we fair better than horses after the invention of the Model-T Ford.

First laser engraving! Next is to learn how to use it for best results.

I've been thinking about my impending ride (Canberra -> Bairnsdale, 500km) am I slightly mad? Am I doing it to spend time with God? the trees? to enjoy the use of my body? solitude? the thinking time? Then this song played tonight, and I realised I'm riding because I want to see the moon...

First attempt at laser engraving underway (video is x20 speed). Very slow but am confident I'll be able to dial in the settings better with future use.

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