"Sea creature fish bites" every bite a mystery! (with the sustainably fished logo too!)

We ended up riding 84km because our legs were better than we thought :)

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Ready to ride 60km (Sydenham -> Ringwood by bike trail) with a mate and my spiffy new Jones Handlerbars on my silver steed.

I just installed an ncx suntour suspension seat post today on my bike(hard tail). Tested it and I can ride my bike on rough terrain(curb) seated comfortably. However it's kind of weird how I 'bob along' changing the distance between saddle and pedal (one of the advantages of a dual-suspension where the frame is suspended instead of the saddle alone). Going for 120km gravel ride this weekend, which will be a good test and see if I'm happy with it. youtube.com/watch?v=_R2hFZqdiw

Looks cool (uses bicycle wheel to filter air pollution) but does the pollution of manufacture exceed the effect of pollution filtered? Is it a net win? gorolloe.com/

Feeling pretty crappy atm, had to deal with the family court. I can't wait to get to heaven. youtube.com/watch?v=BYw9FmkJfE

I'm impressed with the councl's confidence that I need to be told to slow down uphill

Two songs that remind me of the pursuit of Heaven
'Looking for an echo' - Ol' 55s m.youtube.com/watch?v=nfWCpU0_
'Holy Grail' - Hunters & Collectors m.youtube.com/watch?v=iQI5fdVC

Rode some of the Goldfield track (Ballarat -> Dean -> Ballarat). Muddy technical singletrack on a loaded bike is hard going! When it's drier would like to camp for the weekend and ride these trails without luggage :)

Cya , off to spend time with God & the trees on the Goldfields track.

Went for my standard pre-covid exercise yesterday (1 hour bike ride). Felt so good to feel power coursing through my body again, carrying me over hills. Lungs much closer to normal capacity than when I started earlier in the week :)

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