You'll have to open it to see the whole thing... This is my beautiful service dog - who was a rescue from a horrible situation and is now brilliant at her work - chewing her bone on the bed right after I got up, and little Chuy in the foreground who looked afraid the flash was going to go off so I put him in the picture too lol.

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My heart also hurts. Even 5 years later since they began this assault on him.

I think it hurts now more because we've seen what a generous, kind, thoughtful man he is. And we've seen how he fought for us, took arrows for us, etc.

It's why, no matter what happens, I'll always be a Trump supporter.

"If you want to take liberty away from Americans, you have to know how to cook a frog. You can't put on a pot of boiling water and then throw the frog in the water because his reflexes are so quick that as soon as his feet touch the water, he will hop away and be free. Leonard Reed said the only way to cook a frog is to put on a pot of cold water, put the frog in the water, and heat it up bit by bit.

By the time he realizes he's being cooked, it's too late. It's the same thing with Americans. If anybody talked about taking all of our liberties away at once, we would righteously rebel. But they can talk about taking away our liberties bit by bit, and that is precisely what is happening in our nation."

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@kris It's great fun! Our daughter has 3, an 11YO son, and 6YO & 19MO daughters. After the first 10 hours:

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