Why does God sanctify us? To make us ornaments? No; to make us instruments! Unless we’re pure we’ll contaminate the message we give with our blurred thinking, with our selfishness, with our stupid little opinions!

--Leonard Ravenhill

Well, another long day of driving today, this is the 3rd appointment within a week for Pete in Saginaw. I didn't sleep well last night due to heat and humidity, so I think a nap will be in order when we get home. He has trouble falling asleep while driving, so I do the driving while he naps, usually. Supposed to be a beautiful sunny day in the low 80's today though, so it will be a good day to be out and about! Whatever you do today, I hope it goes well and God is honored!

OK, I'm on signal now too. (I'm ChiaChatter on everything, BTW.) Satisfying my curiosity, mostly. But how many messenger-type apps can one person keep track of? And why don't all of my contacts use the same one?!?!?

OK I am on the matrix now I guess? I installed element and made an account, anyway. Of course none of my pre-theres.life family/friends are on it, they're on facebook and youtube, so I wasn't sure if it was worth having but I keep reading about it so here we are.

Well, Maisie seems no worse for the wear. Chuy is so little that he can find a cool corner under something to crawl into (he goes under the drivers seat which is completely covered all around in the motorhome) and was barely panting. It took a couple of hours for me to stop shaking and I think God He took care of them and also that we didn't stop to eat on the way home as we usually would. Anyway, Pete is going to do something with that cable so that it can't be unplugged again without great effort.

Oh I'm so upset! We were gne about 4.5 hours today, and because it was sunny and mid-80s we put the dogs in Pete's ham shack which is a hybrid travel trailer with the a/c on. While we were gone the lawn "guy" (woman) came, and unplugged the trailer. Do you know how hot it gets on canvas with the sun beating down and no air circulation in it? We came home to half-cooked dogs, and I could just cry for the suffering they went through! 10 minutes later they're still panting, I am more upset than I've been in a long, long time....

Well, THAT took a while. I would have thought that I'd been praying for patience. Between the writing of this most-important blog post, the looking up of verses, and the prayer and listening that went into it, that's a good half-day's work. Oh, and let's not forget our internet service, which, according to Ookla, has slowed things down a bit too!

Today I was reading 2Peter chapter 1, and these words from v4 jumped out at me: "...He has granted to us His precious and magnificent promises, so that by them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust." Thank you, Lord, for your beautiful Word to guide us!

Well THAT isn't how I planned the rest of my day! Things were just fine and then our internet signal got terrible - which is typical for our very remote, almost-can-reach-a-tower-sometimes, cellular service - so I got on with making supper, eating, and promptly falling asleep right where I sat. Which is also very typical 🤷‍♀️​. Now it is after midnight and we have a decent internet signal (typical) so I am able to finish my Saturday Social post and see what else I've missed in my virtual life BUT I'm also craving some time in the Word so that will be next. I hope you guys are all having a great weekend, see you tomorrow❣️​

What's that messenger that is always compared to Telegram called? I've been trying to think of it all day! I think it begins with an S?

Review of CDC data on COVID-19 deaths in kids showed that zero children have died from COVID-19 in U.S. without pre-existing conditions.

Based on the data, mandating a COVID-19 vaccine for all children is unnecessary and unsubstantiated by the science.


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