Do any of my buddies here use ? I'm trying to find more people to follow.

Fellow blloggers: I got an email from - don't know if it's spam or legit or what? Is it something I should join?

Today is National Pet Day here in the states, so there's that...

This is zoomed way in and taken through a window but I thought that otherwise it's kind of a cool photo of Pete and one of our resident turkeys just now. The turkey has actually been standing guard at the end of the driveway for a good part of the morning; there are 2 little hens in the woods nearby also.

In setting up my new laptop I am running across flathub and wondering (a) what it is - though I could look it up myself, but also (b) why so many people seem to advise not to use it?

Question about my new-to-me laptop I just got: When I start it up there is a message on the screen for a few seconds: "Executing startup delay". I'm thinking that's not a Mint thing since it happens almost instantly when I push the power button, before the HP logo turns into the LM logo. Never have had that before, why would it need to delay startup, any ideas?

My "new" laptop arrived about 3 hours ago. I didn't think it would be here so early! Not quite ready with the stuff I need to move over, but at least I have time to do all the usual first-use stuff. It came with Mint - not my favorite distro but it will do for now, at least it's easy. My day will be spent setting it up, at any rate. (HP Probook 440)

Well it's been a day! But this is the kick in the pants I've needed to finish off google once and for all. In 2020 I stopped using FB/IG, Twitter, Amazon (that was a HARD one!) and a few others that aren''t coming to mind. The goal this year is to totally degoogle myself, and I have been extricating myself from its grasp as I've found replacements for the many apps and services that I've been using. However, this will be a tough one: the backups of everything that it does for me. I had them all turned off of course, but at some point it was turned on - by me or God or whoever, IDK - and yesterday when I desperately checked to see if any of my previously-synced information happened to be there I was thrilled to discover most of it was. But this is where it ends, and it's time for me to make changes now, which I will be documenting in my blog. Meanwhile, I'm just going to concentrate on getting things set back up and perusing fdroid and getting over this bug.

Oh yeah, and my new laptop will be delivered tomorrow or Friday...did I neglect to mention that I ordered another one?

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