Well, you folks tried to warn me parler wasn't the way. Now google and apple are or are threatening to deplatform the whole platform....

Well, the choice is being made for me. Many of my facebook friends are jumping to Parler instead of to here...so I guess that's where I'll be. If you're looking for me there, you can find me with the same username.

Went to Ohiopyle, PA over the weekend, but my best photos weren't of the waterfalls. Too many people were crawling around all over them. But I did get some amazing photos of the leaves.

Also, I don't know how much longer our arcade is going to last, but I bought my husband mugs with the logo...I'm afraid they might end up being keepsakes more than anything useful for promotion, but... *shrugs* It is what it is, in this economy.

Breakneck Falls at McConnell's Mill. I assume they call it that because to get this image, I had to crawl out onto a boulder, high over the final pool! But it was so fun!

What's the best way to reach local people, on here? Or is there a way.

Even if there isn't, this is the ad for the Halloween Party we are having at our arcade. I'm headed there now, actually, as it is my Saturday to work (next Saturday it is my husband's turn). Just a nice safe place, with a costume party - not sure what the trophy will be this year, yet. I'm working on it. Lol!

I have an image on my computer. When I view it there, it is right side up, but when I attach it here, it arrives upside down. When I click edit, there is no option to rotate....I'm going to try to flip it on my computer, re-upload, and see if that fixes it. Lol! Had to spin it back again, but then it worked! WEIRD!

Question: some of you seem to be developer-types, so hopefully you can help me. I see a lot of options for mobile apps to allow me to log in and view mastodon from my phone. What do you use? Is there any one that is better than the others, in your opinion?

Spent my weekend chasing waterfalls, and saw some REALLY majestic views. Not sure what the limits are for posting pictures / videos here, but I'll try to include an image or video of each falls. Not sure if I'll be able to name them or not...but I'll try.

Here I am trying to figure out what fun stuff works here that I would normally post at FB.

Well, here I am trying out a new social media platform. Hope it can replace FaceBook for me. We shall see. There is just too much politics and unkindness there, even among my friends.

I'm including a gratuitous picture from my last kayaking trip, just so my profile looks pretty. LOL!

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