Hey all, I'm fusioncow. I made this account as an alt to get some spiritual e-rest in between being out in the world trying to make a difference.

From a personal creed I worked on some time back:
I'm a sinner, fallen from grace of my own errant choice by free will.  I believe that Jesus was sent as man to witness and teach that man can choose to act without sin, to die to take upon himself the sins of all mankind that whosoever believes in his sacrifice and repents shall not face eternal damnation, but everlasting life as the bridegroom, the church of God and for God.

My degree is in engineering and I strive to fully understand my beliefs. I love to gain understanding by deriving the why of Christianity and the specifics around it.

I enjoy seeing His love in all his creation, people, dogs, food. I especially love dogs and food.


Thanks for introducing yourself :)
Now I feel I know more about you than just a profile name.

I like your creed - especially the 1St sentence. Some blame everything on Adam, without owning up to the fact that they are willful sinners of their own choosing.

We thank God that through Jesus we now have victory over sin and are as Paul wrote:

Rom 6.18: Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness.

I think most of the Americans are still busy from Thanksgiving holidays, or they would greet you too.

Thanks! I love the verse and the hope that goes with it. The law without the gospel would just end badly for us!


Most of us here are striving for the understanding of our belief and the "why" of Christianity. I think that's where we're most likely to find the "spiritual e-rest." Welcome...

Great to meet you fusioncow!
I did a double-take at the second sentence, assuming there was a typo. Only by the power of the Son and the Spirit can man act completely without sin. (Romans 8:7-9) (John 8:34-35)


Likewise! Thanks for pointing out the second sentence, I think I see your point and I don't necessarily disagree with it.

I believe in the trinity and my understanding is that Jesus was sent as man because he had to fulfill prophecy without sin while under the same temptations as us. Where I think I was going with that sentence was more in relation to his words "go and sin no more" (John 8:11). This seems to mean that salvation is unattainable without his intervention, but we do have freedom of choice, and the ability to reject sin. What are your thoughts? Would you word it differently?

John 7:53-8:11 is one of two passages still appearing in modern bibles which shouln't be there: it wasn't part of John's original gospel. However, John 5:14 includes a similar command: "Don't sin any more, lest anything worse happen to you." Ephesians 2 teaches clearly that God's gift of grace saved us who were children of wrath, dead in transgressions. The slave to sin doesn't hear God (John 8:31-47). Freedom to reject sin is granted by God's grace.


That's fascinating and something I had not come across before. This is certainly much deeper than I have delved into it and I don't have the credentials or skill to properly identify that verse.

I follow where you are going - indeed we are slaves to sin but for His grace (Romans 6:14). It is our nature as of the moment of the original sin. We cannot submit to God (Romans 8:7).

What I'm missing in there, is that somewhere we still have free will, lest we believe along the lines of predestination. In a moment of temptation, ought we not fight to do the right thing? Not that it saves us; that is though grace alone, but because we are saved?

Perhaps it is my wording "chose to act without sin" implies that we can decide not to sin and then forever be free of its chains. Better wording may be "chose to flee from sin"?

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