If you anyone is interested in more info on what AI can do check out this video: 

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The bandsaw I am building is now to the point I can actually make cuts! I’m super excited 😛

Wow this is one of the most interesting things I've read in a long time. medium.com/@alex.birsan/depend

Dependency Confusion as a vulnerability to repos that use NPM, RubyGems, & PyPI.

10 years ago Rend Collective prayed:

"Show Your mighty hand
Heal our streets and land
Set Your church on fire
Win this nation back
Change the atmosphere"

Well 3/5 aint bad :)

So you know the magic "zoom and sharpen" image that the guys on shows like CSI have. The one that everyone always made fun of. AI tech has advanced to the point where it kinda actually exists now.

Before and after with Topaz Sharpen AI.

It's not perfect but it sure is damn impressive!

Did you know that at Pentecost all the believers crammed into a car? 

Acts 2:1 - They were all in one Accord

"Every year Planned Parenthood kills as many babies as Americans who have died from the coronavirus. Where's the outage over that?"

How many churches would shut down for even one week to protest abortion?

Three of the first steps to changing the world:

1) Find a local woodworker who will make you a big, hardwood supper table

2) Use it every night with your family

3) Invite people around it as much as possible

“The meanings of the words ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ have been so mercilessly abused over the last twenty years that they offer more information about the person who employs them as insults than they do about the person on whose head they fall like stones.”

Goodbye VM5, you have served me well. Long live VM7, PowerEdge R730xd extraordinaire!

@BlindJesusFreak If you are blind how do you match the rhythm of his belly with the rhythm your head?

If an error in a quote is so obvious as to require '[sic]' then just silently correct the error. '[sic]' just gives an unfortunate error extra unnecessary attention. </hot take>

Academic context excluded for obvious reasons.

@alex peaceful secession is the only way forward for America that makes sense.

I just wish we had even one person with any clout who talked and sounded like Ron Paul in politics these days.

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