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"breaking the stereotype" is now a stereotype
- mreeples, 2021

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And I'll dream each night of some version of you
That I might not have, but I did not lose
Now your tire tracks and one pair of shoes
And I'm split in half, but that'll have to do

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It's weird that the really repetitive and robotic messaging of most mainstream media entertainment content is "you have to believe in yourself" or "you have to realize that you're dope"

But somehow that's tantamount to the trans agenda, which states that the solution to dissatisfaction with yourself is not to accept your body and think of it positively, but to try to augment it to look the way you want it to

And perhaps this might be why the majority of the #LGBT are starting to push back against the trans ideology, because it goes directly against the mainstream current thing popcorn entertainment propaganda
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