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"breaking the stereotype" is now a stereotype
- mreeples, 2021

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For those who want to request free commissions (meaning no cost to the customer), it might take awhile because on the 22nd I'm going back to animating and I have a lot of projects to get done

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Saw was trending on twitter
😂 😂 do ppl not know how to spell?

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@Marbleturtle I'm so tired of all these subscription crap TV platforms. I actually want to go back to cable or sat TV.

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Well this answered some of my questions about
"While not available quite yet, coming this Spring is a new CG version of Rugrats, along with a reboot of Behind the Music, and No Activity, a half-hour police comedy will transition from live action to animated for season four.

In June, they will be adding over 2,500 movies in a deal with Epix, which means you will be able to watch movies from MGM. Some titles expected on the service include: Bumblebee, Crawl, Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Gemini Man, Like a Boss, Pet Sematary, Playing with Fire, Rocketman and Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as popular movies from MGM, such as Bill & Ted Face the Music, Skyfall, The Addams Family, Child’s Play and Valley Girl."

I honestly feel like could better if they wanted to

Here's what you need :
1. a watchlist or a watchlater
2. a coming soon section
3. to fix the player that plays the video
4. more profile features like a pin
5. to use a different format than your other service
6. more content (like nothing got added)

It literally looks like the crew who helps make the app got so lazy they were like "lets slap a fancy name on, add like 3 shows and it call it a day"

Still waiting for the *actual* rebrand of not whatever the heck it is is pulling rn

Like, what's up ? I thought you were supposed to be better or something

is prob gonna get canceled within the first few episodes of the season

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Switching my avatar to raise awareness for some stuff that #Christian rapper #KB is doing for his merch line, #NativeSupply.

In light of #COVID19 and the lack of available masks, #NativeSupply is creating cheap, $15, FDA-approved masks and using the proceeds to help fight the invisible enemy.

The masks are currently on sale for $10, you can buy them here:

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