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My goal in life is to follow Jesus and to follow God's plan. I have done so for several years.

I believe in 2017, God led me to find @josias working on the project.
To be honest, I didn't know Jesus. I thought I thought I was going to hell and didn't deserve forgiveness.
Through working on that project, I realized Jesus loves me and died on the cross for me, and God
has a plan for my life. Since then, I have committed to following it.

I have been an amateur astronomer for several years.
God has shown me amazing things through my telescope, and I have learned a lot.
I have seen star clusters, planets, nebulae, galaxies, etc.

Science has strengthened my relationship with God.
It shows me the amazing design of the universe we have.
It has led me to admire God even more.

God made us explorers and gave us a beautiful universe to admire and study.

"Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them." - Psalm 111:2

May 19 2022: Near Ophiuchus
There isn't really anything interesting in this photo, but it's my first astrophoto in around 6 months.

Since December I have been dealing with extreme headaches. Programming, astronomy, and focusing in general make it worse. My life has pretty much been on pause since then. Went to my Doctor, the ER, Physiologist, therapist, and chiropractor. The medicine I was recommended only made it worse. The chiropractor seems to make the most sense. He's the best chiropractor in my area and is pretty confident I should be able to think again in a few weeks.

turned 4 years old in March. The project is pretty much dead, other than me tweaking small things in the CLI program.
You can see our work here:

The Compiler - With Warnings Instead of Errors
Not sure if I shared it before, but it's pretty helpful

Best language to embed in applications? Ease of implementation doesn't count.

Also forgot to mention that it comes with stock charger.

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email me if interested:

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Selling OLPC XO 1, for 50 bucks. Been messing with for around 3 years, I'm done with it now. Battery holds for a good 45 minutes. Shipping in US, accepts ceyptocurrency

Running OLPC build 860, which comes with old Gnome and fedora.

Rewrote my "tinyblog" PHP software in Python:

No breaking changes, but posts are now loaded in via a title by default:

Ok, I did it:
Still have no idea what I'm doing...

Wordle 235 X/6


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I have no idea what wordle is. Waste of time?

If anybody wants to take on the challenge of finishing the desktop/android app, you can find them here:

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CLI v0.1.3

Decided to ditch the WIP desktop app, and possibly the Android app.

Heb12 has pretty much been a research project for the past 3 years. We went from Electron to Python/Qt, then to Golang/Fyne, then to C/HTML/CSS, and recently I was thinking of using GTK.

We (me and @josias) learned a lot over the years, but we spent way too much time rewriting existing code.

From now on, I will focus only on maintaining the CLI app and the Heb12 API.

Very sorry about the wait, is back up now.

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