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My goal in life is to follow Jesus and to follow God's plan. I have done so for several years.

I believe in 2017, God led me to find @josias working on the project.
To be honest, I didn't know Jesus. I thought I thought I was going to hell and didn't deserve forgiveness.
Through working on that project, I realized Jesus loves me and died on the cross for me, and God
has a plan for my life. Since then, I have committed to following it.

I have been an amateur astronomer for several years.
God has shown me amazing things through my telescope, and I have learned a lot.
I have seen star clusters, planets, nebulae, galaxies, etc.

Science has strengthened my relationship with God.
It shows me the amazing design of the universe we have.
It has led me to admire God even more.

God made us explorers and gave us a beautiful universe to admire and study.

"Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them." - Psalm 111:2

I've thought about it some more. Could be a camera defect, a processing error, or aliens.

And it's not a asteroid or something. Looking at public data, a star is supposed to be there.

I'm open to any guesses on why this happened.

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RA: 17h 56m 24.6s
Dec: +03:22:41
50 days apart

I was taking another picture of Barnard's star, and noticed this.

Star randomly disappeared in newer image, not sure why. Doesn't seem to be a processing error, but I'll check again tonight maybe.

Old image:

I've been contributing to Magic Lantern lately. If you have a Canon DSLR, I would recommend trying it out:

I recently became very interested in

It's a GUI library designed for portability and efficiency. I've never seen anything like it before.

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Hello everybody, trying out the new groups :D

I am an astrophotographer, taking photos of deep space with a #telescope.

Attached one of my latest photos (the cygnus wall, or NGC7000)

After using Gmail for over 5 years, I think I'm finally going to quit. Just tired of ads and spam in my inbox. I want a fresh start in general.

I'm currently trying Tutanota. It's pretty good, but I'm want to look at some other platforms before I settle on it. I'm open to any recommendations.

After further research from last year's findings, we currently believe that @josias is actually a Grey Treefrog.

Hopefully we will be more certain by next year.

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My latest project: A hacking kit for Ambarella-based cameras.
Based off of the CHDK project.

Found a dead forum community dedicated to hacking Motorola flip phones. Sometime in the future I may make a Youtube video demonstrating their stuff, like I did with OLPC.

Happy 3 year birthday to the Heb12 project. Although it may seem like it, Heb12 isn't dead. Progress is just moving slowly now. I'm sure I or Josias will randomly get motivated to work more on it one day.

February 22 2021: Orion Nebula
First picture of 2021, haven't done anything since December 19 2020.

It's so weird to go outside and see real people, doing real human things

I've noticed I've basically stopped using Chromium for my personal web browsing. Firefox much lighter and more customizable. Both are great browsers though. I admit I still miss several features from Chromium.

Looks very tempting. I need to retire my 2011 server. It's noisy, dusty, and insecure.

2005 vs 2015.

In 2015 I was impressed with the tiny 32gb Micro SD card. Now we have 1tb Micro SD cards...

This picture was taken with a cheap Walmart action camera. It was not originally programmed to do long exposures, but you can hack it with a startup script.

Somewhere in the camera, it runs Linux 2.6.16. You can run a ftp server, telnet, and a bunch of other undocumented apps.

(the camera is an Activeon DX)

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