Tabs or Spaces (in code)

At Goodwill, I was able to find a PC shell, some ram, and a hard drive all for US $20, which would all make a PC faster than some of the $200 computers they have at Best Buy. I didn't buy it though.

Today is God's day,
full of life and blessings,
full of his own presence,
full of purpose and peace.

I've been thinking of a name for my server. Any ideas?

Totally not working on another video editing engine in JavaScript

Which is better?

The question is not whether God will hear our prayers, but rather if we will hear his Word.

I have started working on a website for SkegCraft:
(The website and server IP are the same)

Fundraiser progress:

$126 remaining to our goal!

Thank you to all who have donated! You are helping to keep the Life Network going.

Yesterday I had some really bad ear pain, and apparently it's an ear infection.

Merry Christmas everyone! This is the day when we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, who came to take the penalty of our evil upon Himself, so that we could be free from sin, and have new life with Him.

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