For or against the punishment of life in solitary confinement?

July 1 2020: Sitched Moon Image
I stitched together some moon pictures again. I have already done this, but I think I have gotten it a lot more accurate.

June 21th 2020: Saturn
My first reasonably good picture of Saturn. I think I could do better, but I am pretty proud of this, especially with my cheap $25ish setup.

Jupiter was way too bright for my old manual sony camera to get, so I could not get any details.

June 5th 2020: The International Space Station
This what I got from today's ISS spotting. It is not easy to adjust the camera settings while it is happening.

New Heb12 app rewrite in progress.
Hint: C:\>

I saw the ISS above me today, Hello Bob and Doug!

Hopefully violence will die down enough for me to go outside safely.

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Pakistani military ad for sewer cleaners: Only Christians need apply | God Reports

>Sadiq was the first to descend into a sewer 18 feet deep with a rope tied around his waist. “As he cleaned the detritus, a flood of putrid black water carrying sand, stones, sludge and a swarm of gases swept him away,” according to The Times.

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That’s crazy talk – Forthright Magazine

> What makes Jesus so different? Moreover, what makes him any better?

> Jesus did not just do unconventional things and say inspiring things, he said downright crazy things.

Since I could not find any good blog software, so I decided to create my own.

Astrophotography Session of April 18 2020:
From the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC. These are all my pictures from that night.

Around half a gigabyte of freely licensed data. Feel free to use as you wish with credit.

April 18th, 2020: Mt Airy, NC from Blue Ridge Mountains
This image was taken in around 28 degree weather. It took around 2.5 hours to get there. It was definitely well worth it. Here is the best unedited picture I took.

April 18 2020 Near M35
I stacked 100 pictures to make this, but can't remember where I was pointing my camera.

April 13 2020: Night Sky
Canon Rebel T6 + 300m Lens
15 sec shutter speed, 3200 ISO

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