On a 19 year old low end PC with 128MB of ram, I was able to:
-Install full Tiny Core Linux
-Browse the internet
-SSH into my server
-Install Git + Python

You CAN observe the sun with a telescope without melting your retina, with a sheet of paper.

I'm not sure if it was clear when I posted that, but it wasn't Google Voice, but my personal text messages. The section in the Google MyActivity page was just called "Voice Activity"

I just went through my Google Voice Activity, and apparently Google has a record for every time I used speech-to-text, what I said and a recording of it. I feel sick.

I'm working on a bible searching system. I've made a program to make a list of every word in the bible, and what verses use it.

Fall started on Monday, and now it's 87 degrees Fahrenheit.

My Raspberry Pi sd card decided to crap out, openbibles server will be offline until I fix it

My Minecraft server will be down for a while, I'm swapping an HDD for a SSD.

Should I rewrite Heb12 Mobile?

Nikon Coolpix B500 w/ 25 second shutter speed. Sorry the image is shaky

No matter what I try, I can't get it working on my Thinkpad 390E. (21yr old laptop). I'm going to post a picture of it on my main laptop (14yrs old) instead.

I'm trying to get Heb12DOS working on a 21 year old computer.

Which software is more important?

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