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My goal in life is to follow Jesus and to follow God's plan. I have done so for several years.

I believe in 2017, God led me to find @josias working on the project.
To be honest, I didn't know Jesus. I thought I thought I was going to hell and didn't deserve forgiveness.
Through working on that project, I realized Jesus loves me and died on the cross for me, and God
has a plan for my life. Since then, I have committed to following it.

I have been an amateur astronomer for several years.
God has shown me amazing things through my telescope, and I have learned a lot.
I have seen star clusters, planets, nebulae, galaxies, etc.

Science has strengthened my relationship with God.
It shows me the amazing design of the universe we have.
It has led me to admire God even more.

God made us explorers and gave us a beautiful universe to admire and study.

"Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them." - Psalm 111:2

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After 5 years, I am now shutting down . Thanks to everybody who joined and played on the server.

The archived world will be posted to soon.

I've made another dumb web thing: A tool that generates a popularity score for any given website.

It could use some more data and calibration, but I think it's fairly accurate.

I've made a new file hosting service called Eggnog.

Files are XOR encrypted by default, with a 1 megabyte limit.

A few years ago, I devised a basic format to store my astronomy files. I recently created a PHP index that sorts each night and shows the description file. has been moved to
Feel free to make an account and upload some code.

I recently got an Etherium donation ( and decided to use the money on a 256GB SSD.

I'm going to take it as an opportunity to reinstall the entire OS and use different (and hopefully better) software. Expect it to be down for a week at most. (,,,

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For anybody interested in building GTK3 apps for Windows 7/10: I've created a build kit that can be used to compile a C app in 1 line.

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And here is the final result of my 2x2 mosaic, 32h of total exposure time (taken over 11 nights)!

The photo is a #false-color #photo. The red channel of this RGB photo is H-a (Hydrogen-Alpha). Meaning the brighter the red color on a pixel is, the more hydrogen there is at that location. The blue and green (teal) channel are O-III (oxygen). These chemical elements can be filtered with special light filters (narrowband filters).

#astronomy #science #astrophotography #space #longexposure

Recently installed Windows 10 alongside Linux on my Thinkpad because I had heard the battery life and performance is better.
It's been around 3-4 years since I tried Windows on a laptop, so I decided to give it a go.

Boy was I disappointed. Performance is worse. Battery life is about the same, if not worse. Plus all the extra bloatware, and a 20gb installation size.
Compare that to my 5gb Ubuntu MATE installation, which comes with actually useful software, like Firefox, GIMP, A code editor, decent terminal...

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POLL: How do you feel about the GNOME headerbar cleanup?

Please boost for visibility 😄


Did some color correction on my Milky Way image from a year ago.

September 11, 2021: Virginia Night Sky

I was in Virginia with my uncles this weekend. Spent a day fishing (didn't get a nibble) and took some photos too

Which part of Heb12 would you be most interested in seeing finished?

Just want to get a feel of how many people are still interested in this project.

I've invented a new holiday: National TODO Day

Go through all your source code and do everything you marked TODO.

It will be on September 4th.

Slow but steady progress on the Heb12 desktop/android apps (both will probably use same or similar code)

Note: port changed to 22.

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