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I think I need to spend more time on other things, which probably means unfollowing some people here. I haven't decided who yet, but if you end up being one of them, it's probably not a sign that I dislike you. It's more likely to be because I find what you write too interesting, and therefore distracting. So please don't take offence!

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I've finally set an avatar!

The man depicted is based on the man in the old Wedgwood anti-slavery medallions, which had the same words.

I license this under the CC0 public domain declaration, in case you want to build on this the way I built on the Wedgwood tradition. In fact, if you want .xcf and .svg files containing components of this picture, let me know; I've still got them.

"Daylight saving" 

To whoever keeps making this happen: please stop making the clocks jump around like this.

I've just merged the code for the last step (but the security audit) of the #Libervia #XMPP#ActivityPub gateway, that is the events / #Mobilizon compatibility!

With that comes a new protoXEP to handle events with XMPP.

I'll publish a blog post to explain all that (probably not before a week), consider it alpha quality for now, I'll stabilize in coming months.

I'm relieved to have reached this step, this was a huge amount of work.

Thanks a lot to #NLnet / #NGI0 for making this possible!

Gloria Wall's Bible reading plan includes First Timothy chapter 1 today.

I couldn't help noticing the start of the following chapter, which begins
"First of all, then, I ask that requests, prayers, petitions, and thanksgiving be made for all people. Pray for kings and everyone who is in authority so that we can live a quiet and peaceful life in complete godliness and dignity. This is right and it pleases God our savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth."

Today, we have a new (earthly) king to pray for.

I really hate having to register or create an account just to use a service... A #government service!

It's just another barrier. Digital red tape. 🤦‍♀️

It should be optional -- used for convenience and not a barrier to services. I should be able to transact without going thru this nuisance. 🤨

I would've been done with this #LTO errand in 1 afternoon, but, nooooo!, I have to deal with crappy online stuff.

So here I am at a cafe. Navigating and wondering which email to give them. 🙄 (groan)

Dear nordic friends: is it common for you to get films dubbed into your languages (Suomi, Swedish, Danish, Norsk, ...) or you always watch the original versions with subtitles?

I've been getting back into playing with #XMPP again, and I'm really impressed with how much better the new user flow has gotten. I helped a not-to-technical person join a server, and they were done and chatting at me before I knew my way around the ui.

Good stuff.

PhoNZE 35 5/6
Line 1: 2nd correct but in the wrong place.
Line 2: 4th perfect, but 5th in the wrong place.
Line 3: 4th perfect, but 1st in the wrong place.
Line 4: 1st, 3rd and 4th perfect.
Line 5: Won!

A Wordle-like game, but with sounds (technically, phonemes), instead of ordinary spellings.

Warning: it's based on the sounds of New Zealand English, which are, you may have noticed, not the same as the sounds of other varieties of English.

What would be the best Linux replacement PC for a Windows Surface laptop/tablet? My wife has to return hers back to the company she used to work for and would love a new one, but it would be a good time to move her out of the Windows environment. Has to be thin, touchscreen, and a keyboard.

#linux #AskFedi #windows #windowsSurface
Does anyone know if there exists a multiplexing fiber media converter?
* One Side: 8 1gb RJ-45 ports
* Other Side: 1 10gb SFP+ port

And you send a packet to port 1 on the first converter, it comes out port 1 of the other converter. Clearly, the SFP+ port is not going to be speaking "normal" 10gb ethernet. Curious if this exists.

RT @benphillips76
The first two donkeys are all the “I faced hurdles but I got over them” folks; the third donkey is the one we need to be

This was supposed to be in relation to but Firefox wanted to restart, and when it came back, it somehow remembered the text I wrote, but forgot what I was replying to (at least when it came to posting; it remembered to redirect me back to that thread).

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I've recently started learning to use edbrowse with a screen reader on my phone, so I don't have to look at a screen while writing, and it's kinda neat. I'm still getting used to it, but a lot of my frustration comes down to realizing how many even terminal applications (which might generate text that I pass to edbrowse, or which I might want to use directly with the screen reader) are optimized for visual use.

Some of you may have seen this before, but in case you haven't, it's an interesting read about accessibility (for blind people) of computer programs:

"When the user ignores 95% of what the program "says", and selects the relevant 5% by moving his eyes, that conversation must change in fundamental ways to be blind-friendly."

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day to all you sysadmins out there!

We appreciate your work keeping things running, especially on the Fediverse, where most of it is done by volunteers. ❤️

Isn't there some country somewhere where they allow banks to just give ANYONE, in any country in the world, a bank account ?

functional programmers be like: "a mutable variable? what's the point of that?? just use the correct value to begin with."

I asked this elsewhere with no reply. I'll try here:

Is there anything like on this side of the internet? Where a regular person doesn't have to have a special browser? I was using the proxy but it's out of action, apparently.

How do companies get branding tags on #openstreetmaps ? e.g. Australia Post comes up with a logo and it asks to upgrade the tags, but Taco Bill doesn't...

fwiw I have nothing to do with Taco Bill. I just tagged one and wondered why it didn't recognise it, like it does with Dan Murphy's or Kmart or whatever

GrapheneOS is awesome. I'm currently using it as my daily driver, combined with a NextCloud server, F-Droid and Aurora Store... and it's working for most of the things I need for now.

I'm so thankful to all the people who've worked on it and contributed <3

A courier brought me a box today. Inside the box was a bag. Inside the bag was some cardboard wrapping. Inside the cardboard wrapping was some paper wrapping. Inside the paper wrapping was a bag. Inside the bag was a sachet of desiccant.

But the innermost bag is quite nice. I might keep it for carrying things in.

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