New to Mastodon. Anyone have recommendations on follows?

@ThatHideousStrength Welcome! I have found that just finding an instance you like (this one is the best of course), then following the people that write things you can relate to, then checking the profiles of others who follow them, and in a short time you can build quite a nice list. Putting a bio on your own profile will also help others decide if they want to connect with you too :). Like anything else, the more you put into it the more you'll get out of it. Enjoy! 😃

@ThatHideousStrength Take a look on a Mastodon instances directory and follow users accordingly to your interests. This one is a good start:

@ThatHideousStrength yeaaaa, follow me! 👻

No, serious most of my post are in German so you possible wouldn't understand what I'm writing.
If you are into the connection between tech an society you me follow some of these.


For the more technical side but with focus on free software you can look at


most distributions have an account somewhere in the fediverse even tow it's often just a bot mirroring the official blog.

Same with many apps

@ThatHideousStrength Hey hey!! Welcome aboard, anything you have a particular interest in?

@ThatHideousStrength I follow a few interesting-looking folks from the global timeline, and after a couple of days or weeks I decide whether to keep following them. Those that stay in the list often follow it interact with other people who might be similarly interesting to me.

Don't be afraid to follow people for a while and unfollowing them if it turns out your interests or style don't match.

@ThatHideousStrength literally no one worth following on masto, best poasters are on pleroma
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