🎶 Brother Yianni, Brother Yianni,

Κοιμάσαι; Κοιμάσαι;

Clang the wood for Orthros! Clang the wood for Orthros!

Click, clack, clock! Click, clack, clock!

Reminder that square clock faces are a symbolic abomination. #AppleEvent

Time is a circle ⭕️
Space is a square 🔲

#Scripture: #Myth or #History? 

#Scripture: #Myth or #History? 

Learn the difference between monotheism and unitarianism, noobs

healing the chalcedonian schism with the good copt bad copt routine

is the equivalent angelic nemesis of the Archangel , not Jesus, as attested by scripture and tradition.

Never forget that has no (created) equal or opposite because He is God. doesn’t battle the devil; He conquers Hades. He destroys death by death, resurrecting all humanity.

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