The problem with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is that it frames reality as merely a set of problems to be solved via technology or “magic” rather than an enchanted world full of meaning and relationships.

Yeah, I’m a MAGA supporter 


I guess you could say I’m a hopeful infernalist

Just got the vaccine. Feeling good. Arm’s a bit sore though.

The invention of the “Protestant work ethic” in Salem, Massachusetts, circa 1693 (colorized)

Infernalist in the streets; universalist in the sheets.

I’m very critical of veganism and cast a skeptical eye to the Christians who practice it, but I might give a pass to vegan Christians working in Hollywood as it is all but equivalent to Daniel and the Three Holy Children living in Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon.

No one is more deliberately misunderstood than Rod Dreher.

Origen and Bulgakov: some among Orthodoxy’s gargoyles

#Prolife is not enough. We need a #prosoul politics, one that promotes the cultivation of virtue individually and socially.

I agree with eternal damnation in principle. 

However, I do not believe it can be applied fairly and justly in the modern world.

Maybe noting white/black smoke has wider application than just in a papal election.

🚦🚙 💨 At the intersection of the #theology, #philosophy, and the natural #science/s, this collection of biological #Talbott essays is about to run a red light at 60mph. They will change your life. Cannot recommend enough.

My kids: 2 years old

250gb of iCloud storage: $3 per month

My wife: Running low on free space, mostly all photos

Me: 😳

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