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For my Birthday this year I'm hoping to raise $500 for , the Catholic 's presence in Detroit. Can you Help? donations via at $DayHouseCW or check

The world is going to you know where. These nationalist protection strategies hurt the whole world ♻️​ @aljazeera India's moves come when world is grappling with tight gasoline, diesel supplies as sanctions have hit Russian exports.

stormed out on our Christian Couples Counseling session last night. I'm feeling so strained I don't know what to do. Please Pray for me, our family and our marriage. 🛐​🙏​

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so what you are saying is that could have actually gone down, but the investor class said “oh I just remembered, I could be exploiting the

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HAPPENING NOW: Farmers who learned from Canadian Freedom Protesters are currently blockading the Netherlands/Germany border with tractors to protest the WEF climate change policies of their government.

Anyone want to help troubleshoot my instance? I have never installed new software on my we server before, so I’m guessing is just human error. in B4 butGNUsocialSucks

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The inquiry into sexual harassment was ordered after numerous allegations from women in the mining industry.
‘Horrific’ incidents revealed in Australia mining inquiry
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While Fr. Cloe may be right here "Guns for hunting, of course, are not automatic rifles, submachine guns or assault rifles." the government does not agree. My deer rifle, which used to be my father's deer rifle, is classifed as an assault rifle in many states primarily because it is black and has a pistol grip. If I want to hunt in california I need to buy a new stock for it, even though that changes nothing about how deadly it is.

Here's my location, courtesy of Glympse
Heading home now!

Click for a Glympse of my location:

DET 0 - 1 SAC HT It could have been a lot worse. Come on you

@tobias maybe I was wrong about . As I could join @nextclouduserforum from inside ! doesn't seem to actually post to the forum, and the link isn't clickable in Mastodon

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