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In Col 4.7, most versions prefer translating the Greek word διάκονος as "minister" rather than its general sense, "servant." Why is that? A few, mostly off-versions, translate it as "deacon." Are most of them tainted by a clergy mindset? Or is it simpler, that the third noun is σύνδουλος, which most translate as "fellow(-)servant", and they don't want to translate it a slave, so avoid servant twice in the same phrase? NASB doesn't have a problem with that, however.

I didn't have any account on untill now. Maybe I will use it.

Good morning every body. Today my main goal is to continue to learn how to use

Yesterday I did a

Today I will create authentification.
My goal is to write a task applicaiton. I want to write what I am doing each day and I didn't find something simple and easy to use.

For the first time in my life, I will publish this code. Untill now I developped only for me.

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has been upgraded to Mastodon version v3.0.0.

Highlighted features:
- New profile directory:
- See domain blocks (see the bottom of
- Better account migrations
- Better search
- Better DMs
- New audio player
- Admin improvements
- UI improvements

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Note: You will notice that we now have a 500 character limit instead of 1000. This will be fixed as soon as possible.

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C est une ecole de vie et de disciple.

* Decouvrir Dieu au travers de la nature
* Experimenter sa foi
* Transmettre
* S engager

* Sortir des murs de l eglise
* Temoigner aux autres scouts

C est un mouvement qui prone l ouverture d esprit donc ils respectent.

afin d'être irréprochables et purs, des enfants de Dieu sans défaut au milieu d'une génération perverse et corrompue. C'est comme des flambeaux dans le monde que vous brillez parmi eux (Philippiens 2.15)
(Bible d'étude Segond 21).

C est le mot d ordre des flambeaux

Just start at Church : the concept of Church is just a social principle. Capitalism is based on egoism. Church is just social. All christian life is social not individual or egoism

Is Jesus or

No, Jesus Wasn't A Socialist.

Without hearing or seeing this video, I totaly disagree that Jesus was capitalist.

Capitalist is 100% against all biblical concepts.

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Ne jamais separer notre vie spirituelle comme notre louange de notre travail.

Never separate your work from your worship

is invited you at a special meeting where she will share her testimony

La fille de la photo
raconte du 1er au 6 octobre 2019

2 octobre
4 octobre
6 octobre

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Luke 11:36 If then your whole body is full of light, having no part dark, it will be wholly bright, as when a lamp with its rays gives you light.

Luc 11:36 Si donc tout ton corps est éclairé, et s'il n'a aucune partie qui soit dans les ténèbres, il sera tout éclairé, comme quand une lampe t'éclaire par sa lumière.

Brexit Update: Deal or No Deal? (w/ Nigel Farage & Larry McDonald)

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