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women protest with flash mob again pension reform because they will loose more than men.


French people are not happy with their d̶i̶c̶t̶a̶t̶o̶r̶ president.

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: of Christians to be Addressed at World Economic Forum


This year, the problem of the persecution of Christians finds a place within the framework of the WEF. On January 24, at the Tradeshift-Sanctuary in Davos-Platz, there will be a conference on "the deterioration of security in West Africa: implications for socio-religious pluralism and economic development".

Read more in french : evangeliques.info/articles/202

Et moi, j'ai construit une maison qui sera ta résidence, un endroit où tu habiteras éternellement.» (2 Chroniques 6.2)
(Bible d'étude Segond 21).

Le temple a ete detruit en l an 70. Mais ce passage ne dit pas que le temple est eternel.

I think too many account here speak politics and special UnitedStatian Politics. This is too much, I need to clean my contact list to follow

As I am using the framework. Yesterday I head that the main developper is dead.


"For the last few months our project lead, Jim, has been struggling with lung cancer. He was undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. A few days ago he passed away in his sleep. "

Turns out Jim's birthday was February 24th. We would like to shoot for that date for a final release of 4.0

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Actually, that's an old map :) The issue was resolved a couple of years back between India and Bangladesh


One of the most interesting border in the world is between and

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'Sad Day' in Algeria as Officials Seal Buildings of Country's Largest Churches - Morningstar News

Authorities in Algeria on Wednesday (Oct. 16) closed the Tafath (Light) church building in Tizi-Ouzou, a day after sealing shut the country’s largest church before planned despite resistance, sources said.





Algeria shall be visited by Me.

Not sure that closure of Churches is God visitation.

Interesting to see if of 2019 is fullfilled


As I read the Prophety for France

The South of France shall experience a shaking and its borders shall experience de-stability. It shall lose its powers over its territories and shall be made a scapegoat for many problems in the region. It shall turn its eyes to return to the gospel. My power and authority shall then reign in that land.

Nothing like that was happening last yest. They talk about south of France.

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En effet, il est notre paix, lui qui des deux groupes n'en a fait qu'un et qui a renversé le mur qui les séparait, la haine. (Ephésiens 2.14)
(Bible d'étude Segond 21).

La première année du règne de Cyrus sur la Perse, l'Eternel réveilla l'esprit de Cyrus, roi de Perse, afin que s'accomplisse la parole de l'Eternel prononcée par la bouche de Jérémie, et il fit faire de vive voix, et même par écrit, la proclamation que voici dans tout son royaume: (Esdras 1.1)
(Bible d'étude Segond 21).

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