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New to Mastodon. Anyone have recommendations on follows?

Signal was created and funded by a CIA spinoff. It is not your friend.

For some is good for some it is bad

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A very old gnusocial instance starts again from scratch. Gnusocial is the father of mastodon

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You like the diversity of the

Do you know

An open service to mobilise communities and organise events

You have many instance like you have many mastodon.

Here is one if you like to organise an event.

@BlindJesusFreak is mastodon nice for blind people? Do you have audio reader ?

If you don't know what is

Nomadic identity could be a solution again censoship. But this concept is hard to understand untill we try it.

I am interested about recently.

Before I thought yes they (females) are right.

But after thinking feminism is sexism.

They want equality but male is not equale to female.

In my profession when I starded 20 or 25% was girls. Today maybe 5% of people in It are female.

Do you think patriacal power say them NO !!!!

Working on IT does not need physical power. I didn't know why.

I think just simply because females are not interested in such profession. They prefer working in hospital or school.

If we force equality, woman who want to work in school for example will do something they don't want to do. It is against freedom. Why force women doing what they don't want to do. Do you think women want to work 100 hours a week and be boss? Most of them no. But today they can if they want.

Just interested about feminism a little bit. Actually I don't know what is feminism.

I know maybe if I write that I will have enemy because I try to understanf and I try thinking by myself and not follow the stream of thinking.

End of my working day.

After 3 month working from home new rules against covid. All shops closed Home working mandatory

We call that semi lockdown

Our governement didn't care of health untill now. Economy first.

I'm losing my bearings. I don't know what date we are. I don't talk to anybody physicaly only remotly.

Each day I think today we have 5mn of sun light more than yesterday. I get up it is dard and now it is night again.

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I created a little landing page to help onboard normal people to the Fediverse.

The goal is not to list every single server, but rather direct newcomers to a small handful that would broadly appeal to most people (if I didn't include your server, sorry, nothing personal). This will hopefully make it easy for people who know nothing about the Fediverse to quickly choose a server that generally suits their moderation preferences without being overwhelmed by the number of options.

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Nextcloud Talk is the most secure way of communication and collaboration!

Calls are encrypted and not even meta-data leaves your server. Easily share documents and work together with others on your server or guests you invited for meetings and more!

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