Grand manifestation contre une loi à à la fin de la vidéo on voit des manifestants chanter des chants chrétiens

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@kris The word fellowship is applied in some Bible texts to contributions. Helping the poor and needy Christians is fellowship. Also, sending financial help to someone to teach the gospel is called fellowship. Hence the money as an illustration. Hope this helps.

Moving a domain from a server to an other server is not easy. This is not the first time I am doing it. But things is getting more complicated. Specialy with https and I still don't have a simple procedure to follow. I always is trying in different way.

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So I finally got around to setting up #Yunohost on my VPS. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner! The project is top notch and so much more than I thought. Like one click SSL certs from #LetsEncrypt, plus they auto renew. :bongoCat:

It just feels good finally self host some projects I have been looking at for a long time.
Like #Wallabag, #Gitea, & #FreshRSS

Yunohost is definitely worth checking out if you have even a remote interest in self hosting. (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

font for better visibility

Luciole (French for “firefly”) is a new typeface developed explicitly for visually impaired people. The result of a two-year collaboration between the Centre Technique Régional pour la Déficience Visuelle (the Regional Technical Center for Visual Impairment) and the type-design studio, this project received a grant from the Swiss Ceres Foundation and support from the DIPHE laboratory at the Université Lumière Lyon 2.

Today I need to work a little on

DNS needs to be changed. It was an experimental project. But Now I am making a break. Maybe later the time will be good. Sometimes project are too early.

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my church, the jesusgemeinde dresden, has been building a new church house without credit since 2012. there will be room for more than 1000 people, because where we are now the space is no longer sufficient. dear god, let's find an interim solution because so much of your word wants to hear and let's free money that the new church house will be finished faster - but that will still take some time. thank you jesus. yes jesus. amen.

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I check and remark that matrix is number 2.

Are they really so many matrix server ? I did a try few month ago but never adopted it.

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In this life amid anxiety, I am looking for You - My God,

Thirst to meet with you, thirst to see your image.

I cannot find peace in the world, here is emptiness, deception and pain

And I’m looking for your face, I hurry into your presence.

В этой жизни средь тревог, я ищу Тебя - Мой Бог,
Жажду встретится с Тобой, жажду видеть образ Твой.

Мне в мире не найти покой, здесь пустота, обман и боль

И я ищу Твоё лицо, спешу в присутствие

When a 'translated' song is better than the original

Церковь Божия – Силой новой (Fresh Outpouring by Kim Walker Cover)

I love russian language

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