Tomorow travel for one week holiday in

Maybe I will share pictures. 6 hours traveling Not bad.

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Just the impression that is at home at . He have 1000 employees at his service for security. Half of the city is blocked for him.

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Wearing a mask is showing love to your neighbor and protecting others and following the scripture by "considering others better than yourself". Jesus said "be the light of world" so let's shine, set a good example and stop making excuses like "I'm healthy" or "I'm ok" or "God will protect me". Yes, "you are healthy" and "yes you are ok" but don't you wear a seat belt and have medical insurance? Why test God's grace? Wear a mask and social distance, dear Christians. I am wearing one with you.

Does your country use radio ?
Blue OK
Light blue trial
light light blue in test
White Country that gave up

What do you think of this technology ?

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Happy 32nd birthday to GNU Bash! We're proud to have played a role in its long-running history, and to celebrate it on its birthday.. bash!

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