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When she phone me I ask if I could pray for her. For the fever.

She accepted

Next day she phoned me at work

- I am at work (I said)
- I wanted to say that your prayer works.

She was ok

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My daughter is affected by the dead of this friend we know. She has fever. Probably due to this death. She had a dream. In this dream she saw Francis (this man who is dead) and he said to her. You heart is brocken. "Give your heart to Jesus and he will fix it. "

Today I was at an open doors meeting and one guest was Thimoty Cho

It was not this video but you can have your opinion. He flees North Korea. The huge prison fo 20 millions people. Today he is working in UK parliament.

Christian life is a full life full of surprises

Les surprises de l éternel ne sont pas epuisees

Been in a funerail and feeling thé touch of the holy spirit

Been in funerail. M'y daughter Saïd amazingly. I teceived so much love. We was there to support to gives love but actualy we teceived so much.

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3:00 AM middle of the night, I sleep deeply. I hear the door moving. Maybe the cat... No I closed the door yesterday to not let the dog enter. Someone is moving. I wake up with fear. Who is here ?

My daughter enter crying... and say
"Francis est mort' (Francis is dead)

Francis was the husband of a family near our previous home. We had close relationship. My daughter spend her childhood with their 3 chidren. 2 children around the same age. He worked with horses. He had a heard for evangelism maybe a little too much. Because he was always frustrated to not doing enought.

I say "he was sick" He had cancer. But I didn't expect he died so quicklly. With the distance we loose communication and contact.

My daughter read it on Without facebook probably we will not learn it.

My daughter was under shock and needed to talk with someone. I was happy that we was there. Even in the middle of the night. We talked talked talked during 2 hours untill

I have a question to people going to Church.

How is communication in your Church. Where I go it is email mainly. One I ask to stop receiving all these email. But the pastor was not happy with my request. I explain that is was not legal to send so many email without an unsubscribe link. He said that I has to create a rule to put them in rubbich.
I didn't like such answer. And push me to ask the email admin to remove me. I try try try and after a while I was removed from the list.

But now I noticed that I miss many information. I was like a rebel besause I ask such request. And I am feeling that I miss many important information. During this weekend when I asked some questions. Some people reacted strangely. Because and email explained my quesiton.

Is it the same on every churches ? When I explain that I prefer 'normal' communication I am ununderstand. In one way they preache to build relationship each other but in reality it is email relationship and not other way.

Now We need to take care of Maiden our daughter's cat. He does not want to come back home.

I come back home after a church weekend from saterday to monday.

Here in CH is a day off like Thanks giving. Fast and prayer day. But in fact no body is fasting. I don't know why even christion don't do.

But this weekend was out 1 hour in the Jura mountain. it was challenging. Because I am feeling different that others. Feeling like I don't understand the culture and how people thinking or feel. Often reast like opposite.

But the best time of the weekend was not the folowship. I made effort to speak to people but II noticed that people don't go to me to talk I should always do the first step.

The workship time was wonderfull. I felt the presence of the Lord. I even felt priviledge because for the other is was only a song or a time as usualy. But for me it is so special. Tears cames to my eyes and I remember all things God gave me as special experience Special times when you only you know that it was from God. Hard to explain and share but you simply know it.

Tired to be with other people around always happy to be at home. With the rest of the weekn free. Holiday or Vacation.I don't know what is the best word. this domain was first used with a instance then today it is used for commercial streaming ads

Tu. m entoure de chants de délivrance.
Je veux continuer à te faire confiance
A m attendre à l éternel. Ma vie est fondée basée sur toi.

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