Can vaccines be imposed on us? The Short Answer presented by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Finaly Julie Ponesse has been fired

Julie Ponesse Ethics Professor Huron College University of Western Ontario

I'm becoming a conspiracist. Caregivers people who worked in hospital who had saved lives during the first wave are now suspended WITHOUT PAY!!!

What an injustice.

while my train was stopt in the middle of nowhere i listwn to Sion Radio from Amiens live on Radio Garden:

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I don't like the new way mastodon display just the first line of a post. When I try to make it larger and read it does not works well. I arrived somewhere else.

That should display more 2 or 3 lines because sometimes only 0.5 lines are displayed

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Mars Panorama 360 from Curiosity

Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, MSSS; Processing & License: Elisabetta Bonora & Marco Faccin ( #APoD

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amnauen is at the far east of Switzerland. If Switzerland looks like an yes, Geneva is at the left corner Samnauen is at the right corner near Austria. It is a free zone. You have duty free shops because in the past there was no road to go there from Switzerland.

[🖼…]The valley[🖼…]Typical chalet[🖼…]Working tools[🖼…]working mountain vehicle[🖼…]Cable car[🖼…]Tunnel in Austria[🖼…]View from Austria to Switzerland

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Yes, AP has been implemented for some time. If you want to try, I recommend using the master branch at 🙂
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We're currently adding more resources on the /e/ project, and we're still actively looking for several people to complete the team 🚀🧖‍♀️🧖🧖‍♂️

In particular Android applications devs, and our online store manager...

#jobs #hiring #remotework

Apply now at

Surveillance: The exception has become the rule

In 2016, the Swiss public accepted a referendum on a new surveillance law, and in 2021 it backed legislation that introduced some of the toughest counter-terrorism measures in the world. The new legislation prompted the UN Special Representative for Human Rights, Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, to warn that Switzerland could become a model for authoritarian regimes.

“Surveillance capitalism is a mutation of modern capitalism,” she says. “It is characterised by an unprecedented concentration of wealth, knowledge and power.”

Swiss university

students who were neither recovered, vaccinated or who could not afford regular testing (from October when testing costs are no longer covered by the government) would be denied “access to education or self-determination in relation to vaccination

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Probably today is my last Church service. It was really nice with a wonderfull worship and teaching that gave me strenght. Maybe I needed this strenght for the next information.
At the end they informe us that we will need QR code to go to Chruch next week.
Then I will not be able to go. I am feeling exclude. I am feeling like leprosy who was not allowed to go like everybody.

Hello am looking for
- mysql
- flat file with reference (book - chapter - verse)

Bible texte in different versions
where can I get that

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I'm curious, how much does it cost per month to run a large or instance with a user count of 5,000?

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