Happy to be back in Switzerland after a week end in France visiting my father who is at his end of his life

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Does Mastodon offer any kind of formatting, such as MarkDown?

On the way on motorway ... Visiting m'y family. My father IS very old and sick. A Big black car was just parked near CD. My daughter 18 start speaking with the driver. A family from Saudi Arabia ... Feeling so spécial meeting someone from this country

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was an

Men are often presented as stalkers. Rarely the reverse, however, the Bible shows the opposite. There is female harassment

See 16:16

était un
était une

On présente souvent les hommes comme harceleurs. Rarement l'inverse pourtant la Bible montre le contraire. Il y a un harcèlement féminin

Voir Juges 16:16

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Un peu bizarre quand même l'article. Hillsong c'est pas vraiment du rock comme musique. C'est de la louange

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This morning I get up and 20cm of snow is on the ground and it is snowing heavily. It was a surprise. Weather forcast only talk about snow in mountain up to 1500m hight.

Humilité vient du mot humus c est la terre. veut dire . Nous sommes créés

I think it will take more than 48 days for me. I am reading very slowly.

Starting tout read the 48 days to the work you love n'y Dan Miller

Just a question of for english people

do you see the verb try negatively ?

Just your perception with that word in different contexts.

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