just finaly install a frist online version of a web bible


Still have work but at least we can use it.


Rebecca St. James - Kingdom Come feat. for KING & COUNTRY

I like this song the first time I listen.

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Background: The ability of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines to protect against infection and onward transmission determines whether immunisation can control global circulation. We estimated effectiveness of BNT162b2 and ChAdOx1 vaccines against acquisition and transmission of the Alpha and Delta variants in a prospective household study in England. Methods: Adult index cases in the community and their household contacts took oral-nasal swabs on days 1, 3 and 7 after enrolment. Swabs were tested by RT-qPCR with genomic sequencing conducted on a subset. We used Bayesian logistic regression to infer vaccine effectiveness against acquisition and transmission, adjusted for age, vaccination history and variant. Findings: Between 2 February 2021 and 10 September 2021 213 index cases and 312 contacts were followed up. After excluding households lacking genomic proximity (N=2) or with unlikely serial intervals (N=16), 195 households with 278 contacts remained of whom 113 (41%) became PCR positive. Delta lineages were 4.6 times (95% Credible Interval: 1.5 - 20.1) more transmissible than Alpha; contacts older than 18 years were 2.0 times (1.4 - 3.3) more likely to acquire infection than children. Effectiveness of two doses of BNT162b2 against transmission of Delta was 31% (-3%, 61%) and 42% (14%, 69%) for ChAdOx1, similar to their effectiveness for Alpha. Protection against infection with Alpha was higher than for Delta, 71% (12%,95%) vs 24% (-2%, 64%) respectively for BNT162b2 and 26% (-39%, 73%) vs 14% (-5%, 46%) respectively for ChAdOx1. Interpretation: BNT162b2 and ChAdOx1 reduce transmission of the Delta variant from breakthrough infections in the household setting though their protection against infection is low. Funding: This study was funded by the UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) as part of the COVID-19

Happy Thanksgiving

American export Halloween and Black Friday but not Thanks giving yet

Hubzilla 6.4 Released!


Hubzilla 6.4 comes with many bug fixes and some neat usability improvements. Here is a condensed list of the most notable changes:

- BBcode support for the notes widget and app
- Implement system apps sync with clones
- Improved file upload performance
- Introduce all in one channel cloning via network; separate import of files and items is not required anymore (not compatible with cloning from older versions)
- Introduce progress tracking for files and items import when cloning via network (not compatible with cloning from older versions)
- Improve channel delete performance by moving some actions to background tasks
- Implement apps un-starring from the app bin via drag and drop
- Add notices tab to HQ widget
- Add option to mark all notices of a thread read if a notice of the thread is clicked (default true)

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Dear future me, don't underestimate the value of turning your computer off, going and washing your face in warm water or refilling your water bottle or something equally mundane... and then not turning on your computer again until you have step by step list written out for what you need to get done.

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How podcasting will save the open Web and free speech

Podcasting has been a major “open web” actor for almost 20 years. Its openness is now under attack.


Is it 1st of January in


I really like this video it is better than special effect in movie.

But it is reality. Really crazy world.

I am curious if people from this country can confirm. Maybe internet is cut ?

what we can imagine the worst in this pandemy is coming
- QR code just to go somewhere
- Vaccination if you are not vaccinated you loose your job and all
- revolts
- Dictatorship
- army take control of all

This is not fiction : It is in Guadeloupe with french army and in Netherland

how to delete account that follow me? They didn't existe anymore. I want to clean my list

When I see this picture it remind me my Church

Vaccinated --> This way go in the big hall
Unvaccinated --> go in the small room and watch the TV

Maybe I am too pride. I should be humble but I think we should be the same. There is no slave and master no white and black we are all saved by grace.

Hello everybody

Wake up slowly. This sunday I will not go to church because I forget to register. I found one church what is open but this church is located in a small room with really many people. Officialy the law limit at 50 people without sanitary pass but we was at least 100 in a small room . It was Gospel Center a nice church but kind of spectacle church.
Last week we found an other church with bigger roomm and limited to 50. But they organised servicece every 2 week. 1 Week with pass and 1 week without

Then this sunday morning I can stay at home. Reading my bible and followint youtube service.

Peacefull demonstration again covid pass and covid low.

28 november swiss citizen will vote YES or NO in votation

First demonstration in Lausanne. Demonstration is not a cultural things in Swizterland.

Big bell is a traditional way or protest.

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