Swiss national radio talk this morning about the evangelical church in Algeria that is not legal now

La plus grande église du Maghreb, jugée illégale par Alger, a été fermée

Les églises protestantes algériennes ne parviennent pas à obtenir l’autorisation pour exercer leurs cultes auprès de la commission ad hoc. Les autorités voient en elles une menace alors qu’elles comptent de nombreux musulmans convertis au christianisme. Les quelque 3000 personnes actuellement privées de lieux de rassemblement se retrouvent les unes chez les autres dans ce qu’on appelle des églises de maison. Mais cela aussi est interdit. Les protestants du pays se réuniront-ils de façon souterraine? "L’Eglise, ce ne sont pas des murs, mais l’ensemble des croyants, souligne Salah Chalah. En ce sens, on ne peut pas l’étouffer."

today I learn how to write organisation. As I am reading a book and see organization.

In USA the only writing is organization

British english has both organisation and organization

Manifestation Urgence
Jeudi 24 Octobre 2019
Devant les ambassades d'Algérie à

Il a d'abord dit: Tu n'as voulu et tu n'as accepté ni sacrifices ni offrandes, ni holocaustes ni sacrifices pour le péché – qui sont pourtant offerts conformément à la loi – (Hébreux 10.8)
(Bible d'étude Segond 21).

Since November 2017, six Protestant churches in Algeria have been closed, with many others forced to follow suit. Simultaneously, there has also been a troubling increase in pressure on Christians.

Two Bible schools and a bookshop owned by a Christian were closed. In at least one case, a pastor was warned against receiving visitors at home. In December, three Christian were arrested for being in possession of Christian literature. And in the south of Algeria, another church, which has been active for 10 years, reportedly “received an order from the provincial Governor to cease all religious activities.”

Christians worshipping in a church service in Algeria.

In light of this, the organisation of Protestant churches in Algeria (EPA), has now called on the Algerian government to lift its measure for closing churches, and to give equal treatment under the country’s constitution. “As full citizens, we call on the highest authorities in the country to ensure that all the fundamental rights of the citizen are protected, regardless of their religious affiliation,” said EPA.

A new tide of is taking shape in … A systematic campaign, which is slowly and discreetly violating the religious rights of its citizens… And no media agency is telling the story. Read more,

La République Démocratique et Populaire d'Algérie inscrit dans sa constitution (Article 42) le droit à la liberté de culte. Depuis le début de la semaine, de nouvelles églises ont été fermées de force. Près de 500 pasteurs se sont rassemblés pour envoyer ce message à Monsieur Emmanuel Macron, notre Président.

Merci de signer la pétition ici : via @ChangeFrance

Algérie: la plus grande église du pays fermée!!

The bigest evangelical Church is closed in

A service is a means of delivering value to customers by facilitating the outcomes customers want to achive

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In Col 4.7, most versions prefer translating the Greek word διάκονος as "minister" rather than its general sense, "servant." Why is that? A few, mostly off-versions, translate it as "deacon." Are most of them tainted by a clergy mindset? Or is it simpler, that the third noun is σύνδουλος, which most translate as "fellow(-)servant", and they don't want to translate it a slave, so avoid servant twice in the same phrase? NASB doesn't have a problem with that, however.

I didn't have any account on untill now. Maybe I will use it.

Good morning every body. Today my main goal is to continue to learn how to use

Yesterday I did a

Today I will create authentification.
My goal is to write a task applicaiton. I want to write what I am doing each day and I didn't find something simple and easy to use.

For the first time in my life, I will publish this code. Untill now I developped only for me.

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C est une ecole de vie et de disciple.

* Decouvrir Dieu au travers de la nature
* Experimenter sa foi
* Transmettre
* S engager

* Sortir des murs de l eglise
* Temoigner aux autres scouts

C est un mouvement qui prone l ouverture d esprit donc ils respectent.

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