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One of the things i LOVE about the one true God is that he has time for each of us. If we sit and it takes us six hours before we're ready to talk, he has time to, and WANTS to, abide with us. If we just need to hear the same song fifteen times, he doesn't mind - patience aka long-suffering is a fruit of the spirit - when we display patience, He is the parent we got that trait from.

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How did the world get to be the way that it is?
Notice that I had to dig to find this article. It was not on any of the front pages of any news channels websites, because the Left is trying to hide the fact that she lied about this, "racial injustice." The girl cut her own hair, and once her parents found out, she lied about what she claimed had been done to her. Just another way the Left can wreak havoc on Christian schools.

It's amazing how the Left rigs the media so that everywhere I look I see Greta Thunberg staring at me with her devil eyes. Maybe Trump will say something crazy so we don't have to see her face anymore.🙄

AOC's actually been a bit quiet lately. Maybe she's learning her lesson.

All of this is so true. BTW, if anyone wants some good comedy, listen to AOC. She makes me laugh a lot.

Is anyone worried that Trump will get impeached? Let me know what you think.

What I think is funny, is that a security guard had to hold back Greta Thunberg when Trump walked across the hall at the UN 😂. What, are they afraid she's going to kill him with her fingernails possibly? I'm just saying.😶

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