Hi all. I'm still plodding through my stylistic analysis of Biblical texts.

Can someone give me a lead on the searchable Bible app that was under development here?

Hi, everybody. No I'm not dead. Just engaged in some study projects that tolerated no distractions. Part of this has included some disciplined Bible reading. I'm up to Psalms at the moment.

So, I'm getting used to using an ipad (slightly older model, not at all my main-use computer). I'm taking it traveling. I've been linux since forever, so my question: is it possible to get Heb12 working on an ipad?

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What do you think wrote in the dirt in ? Boosts welcome!

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@childofgod @alisonkeen

I dunno. As soon as you find out, let the rest of us know...

Finally coming out of mourning for a dear friend who recently passed away from a sudden and fast cancer that took his life in a month. Paul Croshaw converted to Xtianity from liberal atheism through the influence of radio religious commentator Dennis Prager. Paul and I ended up producing a film about that experience: _Baseball, Dennis & the French_. We were working on several projects for Christian media when his life was suddenly snuffed out and he was taken Home. Rest well, my good friend.

Many have found the film helpful in their religious search. It's still available (I get no kickback!) but Paul's son David is committed to a re-edited version:


from my bio:

Retired academic [university, English language and literature]; Japanophile [used to live there]; onetime care provider [Mom & Dad]; now a reader, sometimes editor, and Xtian. Best subjects:

(i.e. prose)

A post on my old Diaspora site just reported that Microsoft's DRM ebook division (or something like that) is closing next week. So, "the books will stop working." That's right. Those books won't "work" anymore.

theres.life keeps asking to show me notifications and I say no. Am I missing anything?

The city council where I live in Southern California just voted--narrowly--to mount "In God We Trust" over the council chamber. Though this is a traditionally conservative town, reactions were surprisingly mixed.

@masterofthetiger Ummm... How to sign out of pinafore? Just close the tab?

No more love for the 32-bit version of Heb12?

Ah. Finally got access. It was a bit confusing, sine I was supposed to get an email confirmation that never came (I don't think). Yet, here I am...

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