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McDowell PA-RSC on Twitter: "Rules are for the little people: Hillary Clinton Doesn't Have to Sit for Deposition: D.C. Circuit | Law & Crime via @getongab" / Twitter

If Joe Biden thought a nationwide mask mandate actually worked, why didn't he try and institute one during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic?

🤔 #Turning_Point_USA #Biden

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Pennsylvania asks court to extend mail-in voting deadlines

The Wolf Administration effectively wants to allow voting by mail 3 days after the polls have closed: "Ballots received during those three days but lack a postmark or legible proof of mailing should also be counted, the administration’s lawyers wrote."

Immoral and absurd and tyranical.

After Judge's Ruling, Heartbroken Father Must Pay $5K a Month So His Ex-Wife Can "Transition" His Son James into a Girl - Revolver

One of the scariest aspects of our times is how seldom either people or policies are judged by their track record. #Mises

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Larry Schweikart on Twitter: " This is why I don't do polls. This would mean, instead of a Demented Perv Biteme 7 point lead, Trump is tied, at worst, nationally. Now when you factor in student vote shortfall, black shortfall, & "shy" Trump voters Trump is probably up 1-2 nationally" / Twitter

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